Starlight Essences


The souls of the stars are great beings, highly evolved presences in our Universe. Each star has its own unique qualities and gifts. We may think of each one as offering its understanding of the Source of All through the gift of its light, both physical and spiritual. We can connect with its spiritual light to absorb and grow through the gifts it offers us. By focusing on the inner light of a chosen star we move into resonance with it and are able to strengthen qualities within us that are also powerfully present in the light of the star.
It is this principle that lies behind the creation of Heaven on Earth Starlight Essences. Each essence, usually taken by mouth a few drops at a time, assists in promoting and developing within us its uplifting and empowering qualities. For instance, Sirius Essence can assist in opening the heart centre, increasing our capacity for self-acceptance and love, and expressing that within us which is divine.
As we work with the essences there can be a sense of soul connection between ourselves and the star in which it shares with us the richness of its experience and the depth of its understanding. Heaven on Earth Starlight Essences are designed to help you on your path of spiritual growth, strengthening qualities that already exist within you.

Choosing your essences

You can use the catalogue below and let your intuition or the Key Qualities guide you. You can use the Read More links to find out more about that particular star. You may also like to use our Essence Chooser.

How to use the essences

Each Starlight Essence comes in a 10 ml blue glass dropper bottle accompanied by a leaflet detailing the star and suggesting ways in which its essence may be used. The essences are designed to be taken by mouth a few drops at a time up to four times a day. You can take them undiluted or mixed with a drink. You can take more than one essence at a time. However you may find that more than three essences used together at the same time can feel a little too ‘busy’. Please note: The Starlight Essences are tools for spiritual growth. They may be used in combination with any other tool or skill you find helpful. They are not medicinal and are not intended to substitute for any medical or therapeutic treatment.

Storing your essences

It is best to keep the essences in a dark, cool place. Use them before the Best Before End date on the label.

Choose your essences

Each essence comes in a 10 ml dropper bottle with a leaflet about the star and how its light may help you.

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