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An overview

Welcome and thank you for visiting.

You are a divine being in human form. All the teachings here – guided inner journeys, courses, talks and writings – are designed to help you to realise the full beauty of your being.

To help you explore the website, this page tells you about who we are and summarises what we offer.

Who we are

Christopher Sell

As a child I wondered about life. Is this all there is? might have been my question and early experiences suggested there were realities beyond our familiar world. Gradually I was guided to remarkable people with precious skills who opened doors for me, doors that have led to a deeper understanding and a greater joy in being alive. On this journey I came to know my first guide and with his help began, over thirty tears ago, to share some of what I had found most helpful. Since then I have taught courses of spiritual growth across the UK as well as abroad. Most of this teaching is now offered as live online or recorded courses.


Sananda is a timeless being whose light available to all on Earth. He comes to help us realise the divine within us so that it may find full and joyful expression in our lives.  I have had the good fortune to work with him for more than twenty-five years. His teaching is both gentle and powerful.  He transmits many high frequencies of light to help many on their journey of enlightenment through live courses, online groups, recorded inner journeys and messages.


Our inner journeys use beautiful music by Thaddeus, channelled by Sanaya Roman. This music is used with permission: for more information or to order, visit www.orindaben.com.


Where to start?

New to meditation or wanting a quick taste of what we offer? You might like to begin with the mini meditations. Each is between 12 and 15 minutes long and they cover a wide range of topics. You can use the search box at the head of each page to finds topics of particular interest to you.

Personal growth and well-being

As well as the mini meditations we offer courses in personal growth and well-being. They help you to appreciate yourself, to express your inner light and to grow in insight and wisdom. Other courses help you to connect with angelic beings and with your guides, as well as some of the beautiful beings with whom we share the planet, such as the whales and dolphins.

Forthcoming live courses

You may like to join in one of our live courses. Currently most of these are online, so you can join in from wherever you are in the world.

Awakening Your Light Body

Each year I offer the Awakening Your Light Body course. This beautiful and powerful course is the only one we offer that has not originated with Sananda’s teachings. I value it highly and love to share it.

Helping the world

Any time you help yourself to grow, you are helping the world too. But we also offer courses designed to help you to help our world.

Helping humanity and the planet

Your inner light makes a difference. The Helping Humanity series of courses teach skills with which you can enhance your ability to assist the evolution of human consciousness. The Helping the Planet series explores how we may align our light more fully with the higher purpose of the Earth.

Helping children

We have several inner journeys for children and I have also had fun creating a children’s picture book. Visions of the Future is a series of glimpses into what coming generations may create and Welcome the Children are courses that help those who are preparing to incarnate here on Earth.

Exploring the Universe

As beings we exist in many dimensions. We are not alone, for there are many friends in our own and other dimensions who  love to help us come to know more of who we are. 

Starlight courses

The stars are highly evolved consciousnesses who also bring us spiritual light. Each expresses a unique combination of the light of the Source of All, offering them to all who are open to receive these gifts. The star courses and essences we offer are designed to help you use these gifts as you develop awareness of your divine self.

Starlight essences

Heaven on Earth Starlight Essences encapsulate spiritual qualities that the stars offer us. The essences are designed to help you on your path of spiritual growth, strengthening qualities that already exist within you.

Creating a City of Light

A city of light may be thought of as a shared state of consciousness that actively supports the experience of Divine Presence in each moment. Its creation is at the heart of Sananda’s teaching. You can study the Creating a City of Light course at any time and by joining our Architect of Light group (see the next section) you can participate in our monthly live sessions too.

Groups you can join

If you enjoy what you find here, you may like to join one of our membership groups, which offer immediate access to recorded courses and discounts on new courses. 


Here are some comments from some who have participated in Heaven on Earth live or recorded courses.

 …your course has blown me away with the sheer beauty and purity of vibration. I am awestruck by the energies of love and refined crystalline light that you are bringing forward for us all. Every time I am about to play the tapes, I feel all excited, like a child that has been given the keys to a secret and enchanted garden. I feel so honored and blessed to be on the receiving end of such love, awe and wisdom.

I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to you for all that I experienced yesterday. The work that you do is truly a divinely given gift and the energy you bring through is profoundly beautiful.

I feel such joy in meeting others with whom I truly resonate, and indeed in meeting you and being in such a beautiful energy, as was gifted to each of us yesterday is something I cherish deeply within my heart

I completed the Light Body course with Chris last year and I participate in his monthly meditations (conference call and on line) for ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ and ‘The Light Body Graduates’ groups. I feel I have gained so much and the beauty of this type of work is it is continually evolving and developing it’s such a creative process, full of fun, light and love. It makes me feel full of light and sunshine with a big smile on my face. I feel supported and loved throughout the process by the beings of light that work with Chris and us all.

Thank you so much for the day on Saturday … I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks for a very special weekend. You have not only made a difference to me but it was lovely to see the effect you have had on other people.

The memory of the pleasure I experienced yesterday will stay with me always.

Thank you soooo much for a wonderful life enhancing experience these last few months. Really appreciate the way you held the space and for your (and Sananda’s) loving guidance.

I received your website today and was blown away by the audio meditation. Is that your voice? If so, it connected right to my heart chakra.

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