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Soul Guidance

A soul guidance session with Sananda can be a great way to refresh your sense of purpose and to gain a deeper understanding of your life here on Earth. It’s also an opportunity to ask Sananda whatever is on your mind. Sananda’s guidance is loving and open. His purpose is to help you appreciate and access more of your own wisdom. He sees you as a being of light in human form and does not judge you, but comes to help you express the full beauty of your being. He does not tell you what to do, but brings love, understanding and clarity to the issues you are facing in your life.

A video introduction

You may like to watch this brief introduction.

Some recent feedback

A game changer connection and message for me today.

I want to thank you again for the wonderful deep, gentle and loving guidance that you facilitated through Sananda for me.

It was a lovely experience. 

Thank you so much for a wonderful session. The first bit of the session was so helpful and actually you answered one of my main questions before I had chance to ask. I really found all the answers to the questions helpful. They seemed to fill in a gap that I couldn’t.

Booking a session

Book a one-hour appointment for your soul guidance session with Christopher and Sananda.

  • You can choose to have your soul guidance session on Zoom or by phone.
  • If all dates are greyed out go on to the next month.
  • Click on both date and time, even if only one is showing.
  • The times shown are for current UK times.
  • When you complete your booking you will receive an email confirmation with further details for your appointment. Zoom links will be send in a separate email.
  • Your session is recorded for you and you will receive a link for downloading your audio recording afterwards.
  • A soul guidance session is £60, charged when you book.
  • You can cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before and receive a full refund. Any cancellation less than 24 hours beforehand will incur a charge of £30.

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