Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy

Our purpose


Every course, both live and recorded, every message from Sananda, every personal guidance session is designed to help you experience a greater joy and a deeper fulfilment in your life. Through powerful and gentle transmissions of light and love you are helped to grow towards self-realisation, a full manifestation here on Earth of the inner light and the love that is your essence.

A Global Heart Network

Amethyst-backgroundAround the world at this time a network of many sharing a vision of a world of peace, love, joy and fulfilment is coming into being. This network exists on the inner planes and connects primarily through the heart centre. All the work of Heaven on Earth is designed to support this network. In particular the Days of Light taught by Christopher and Carrie are welcoming and initiating into this network all who are drawn to them.  You may participate in these Days of Light at venues around the UK or by listening to the recorded courses.

Creating a City of Light

Lotus White CCLG copyIf you wish, you may also share in the creation of a city of light here on Earth. A city of light is seen as the next evolutionary step for humanity, a way of using our inner light in harmony with one another and with all life on Earth, to support and encourage the revelation of of our divine selves. Read more about the Creating a City of Light Group here.

Starlight Essence

ANDROMEDA GALAXY: Integration, Freshness, Goodwill The souls of the stars help us to realise our own inner light, to draw upon the loving assistance of many highly evolved beings and to integrate into a larger galactic consciousness. You will find here courses and essences that help you link with the stars. In particular Christopher works with a collective consciousness from the star Arcturus called Omani. Omani teaches many new skills of light to help you use your own inner light here on Earth in ways that promote your growing in joy and fulfilment.

Helping the New Children

Into our world many wise, evolved souls are choosing to incarnate, both now and over the coming decades. There is much that we can do to help these new children, and indeed all children, to come into this world with as much conscious awareness of their gifts and their purpose as possible. You will find channelled messages from some of these children here. It is part of the purpose of Heaven on Earth to create pathways of light and environments of light that help all who incarnate on Earth in the full realisation of their divinity.
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