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Anchoring Starlight Series

Connect with large and highly evolved communities of star beings who help to know more of your divine essence.

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Anchoring Starlight: Alcyone

Explore how Alcyone, brightest star of the Pleiades, can help your mental body to evolve.


Anchoring Starlight: Aldebaran

Developing compassion for yourself and for your world.


Anchoring Starlight: Alderamin

Let its vitalising light help you align with Divine Will.


Anchoring Starlight: Alioth

Alioth resonates with your inner light to awaken more of your Divine Self.


Anchoring Starlight: Almach

Let the light of Almach help you find oneness in all experience. 


Anchoring Starlight: Altair

Let the light of Altair help you combine clarity with self-acceptance.


Anchoring Starlight: Andromeda Galaxy

Let the light of Andromeda Galaxy bring a new perspective to your life.


Anchoring Starlight: Antares

Let Antares help you connect with the Source of All in every breath.


Anchoring Starlight: Arcturus

Arcturus helps you appreciate the infinite love of your being.


Anchoring Starlight: Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse helps create harmonies which deepen the meaning of our lives.


Anchoring Starlight: Capella

Capella helps you to experience ease of change under the guidance of your Divine Self.


Anchoring Starlight: Deneb

In this moment everything meets in one perfect expression directly giving love to you.


Anchoring Starlight: Dubhe

Dubhe helps you increase your responsiveness to Divine Will.


Anchoring Starlight: Merope

Merope offers healing transmissions to your heart to ease the emergence of your Divine Self.


Anchoring Starlight: Mirfak

Mirfak helps you increase your conductivity for the light of Divine Will.


Anchoring Starlight: Mizar

Mizar helps you open to a new knowing of your nature and essence.


Anchoring Starlight: Orion Nebula

The oversoul of the Orion Nebula helps you to realise more of your Divine Essence.


Anchoring Starlight: Polaris

The light of Polaris helps you align with your life purpose.


Anchoring Starlight: Pollux

Receive streams of light from the soul of Pollux to increase the experience of freedom.


Anchoring Starlight: Procyon

Procyon helps you to allow your heart centre to sustain a steady state of expansiveness.


Anchoring Starlight: Regulus

The soul of Regulus helps you deepen self-acceptance and inner peace.


Anchoring Starlight: Sadr

Sadr helps you to enter your life anew through your heart.


Anchoring Starlight: Schedar

Schedar helps stimulate your etheric body to realise more of your inner light.


Anchoring Starlight: Sirius

Sirius helps you to a deeper awareness of the love that you are.

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