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Anchoring Starlight: Alcyone

In this inner journey you explore how Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades, can help your mental body to evolve. Sananda guides you to look at the relationship between overview and focus, and how you may simultaneously sustain a broad overview of all that your life is and have a focused awareness.

From Sananda’s introduction: The Pleiades are newcomers to your Universe, but you could think of them as a group of elder beings who have chosen to come back in the form of stars, having completed a long cycle of experience. They come to offer the fruits of that experience: new ways of organising energy, new forms of dynamic harmony. Their purpose is to broadcast what they have found out to the rest of the Galaxy, but particularly to star systems like your own which exist in the neighbouring volume of space.

One introductory talk and one inner journey with study notes.

Includes downloads

     Two mp3 files  

      Notes in A4 or US Letter format     

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