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Orion Nebula Starlight Essence


Key Qualities: Creation, Birth, Revelation
10 ml glass dropper bottle and information leaflet

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Orion Nebula Starlight Essence

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Spiritual Qualities

Key Qualities: Creation, Birth, Revelation

Unlike the other stars and star groups in the Starlight Essences range, the Orion Nebula is not a star as such, but a birthplace or womb of stars. There is a great and loving consciousness here welcoming a succession of beings who have chosen to take on the form and role of stars, with great responsibility for the welfare of many other beings, in this part of our Galaxy.  Their influence will be felt far into the future and our connection with them now, through the consciousness of the Nebula, contributes to the way in which they will choose in a distant future to manifest Divine Will. These stars represent the next generation of the galaxy and, minute though we human beings may be in comparison, we may still feel as we connect with the Orion Nebula the emergence of a future of immense beauty.

The sense of becoming and the process of becoming can be strongly felt within the Nebula, and with those qualities a profound nurturing too.  In using the Orion Nebula Starlight Essence you may find a simultaneous sense akin to the experience of being in the womb – of being safe, cared for and nurtured, of constant change and development, growing and becoming, and revelation of wonderful possibilities.

You may like to look at the Orion Nebula in the night sky and imagine what it is like to be a creator of stars, and to sense a resonance with your own process of gathering the extraordinary variety of forms and materials and experiences that make up the earth plane and shaping them into meaning. You might also like to ask inwardly to understand more of the purpose that you and the Orion Nebula might share in common.

Code: SE15

About the Essences

What do I receive?

A 10 ml blue glass bottle and dropper cap containing natural mineral water and organic brandy as a preservative together with an information leaflet.

How to take the essences

The essences are designed to be taken by mouth a few drops at a time up to four times a day. You can take them undiluted or mixed with a drink. You can take more than one essence at a time. However you may find that more than three essences used together may feel a little too ‘busy’.

The principle of the essences

Each star is a being whose physical body is the brilliant sphere of light we see in the night sky. Its light communicates the energetic and spiritual qualities of that star. By focusing on a star we imbibe these qualities and strengthen them within us.

How the essences are made

The essences are made from distilled natural mineral water with organic brandy as a preservative. The spiritual light of the star is then channelled into each essence. You can read more here.

Storing your essences

Store in a dark, cool place and use by the date on the label.

Please note: These essences are tools for spiritual growth. They may be used in combination with any other tool or skill you find helpful. They are not medicinal and are not intended to substitute for any medical or therapeutic treatment.

Suggested Uses

This essence can be helpful if:

  • You are expanding your creativity
  • You wish to know a larger context for your life
  • You are looking for a fresh perspective on an issue
  • You want to care for yourself and be open to adventure
  • You are launching into a new venture or area
  • You wish to stimulate your creative self
  • You are rediscovering your spirit of play
  • You are letting go of cares or burdens


The Orion Nebula, also known as M42, is a vast cloud of dust and interstellar gas out of which new stars are being created. The nebula itself is about 1350 light years away and 15 to 25 light years across (two or three times the distance from here to Sirius). The blur of its form can be easily distinguished from the sharper light of nearby stars. Through binoculars or telescope it reveals more of its great beauty, the light of the star cluster that is being birthed reflected off the immense swirls of cloud around them. There is some speculation that some of these new stars may have flared up in the last few centuries, illuminating the clouds of gas and stardust around them, since neither Ptolemy nor Galileo mention the nebula. However a Mayan myth suggests that they saw the nebulae here and interpreted them as glowing embers.


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