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Betelgeuse Starlight Essence


Key Qualities: Warmth of Heart, Wonder, Flowering
10 ml glass dropper bottle and information leaflet

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Betelgeuse Starlight Essence

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Spiritual Qualities

Key Qualities: Warmth of Heart, Wonder, Flowering

The star is the embodiment of a soul whose purpose is joy, who brings waves of Divine Love from the Source of All.  Those who chose to live in association with the star system of Betelgeuse were drawn to this wave pattern. It look them a long while and much experimenting to fully appreciate that the trough in a wave is not about Divine Love being taken away, but simply part of a natural cycle.

The star teaches that those waves of Divine Love are like the beating of the heart; each wave carries you into a new moment where Divine Love can be experienced afresh in new ways that are free of the influence of all that has gone before.

Code: SE09

About the Essences

What do I receive?

A 10 ml blue glass bottle and dropper cap containing natural mineral water and organic brandy as a preservative together with an information leaflet.

How to take the essences

The essences are designed to be taken by mouth a few drops at a time up to four times a day. You can take them undiluted or mixed with a drink. You can take more than one essence at a time. However you may find that more than three essences used together may feel a little too ‘busy’.

The principle of the essences

Each star is a being whose physical body is the brilliant sphere of light we see in the night sky. Its light communicates the energetic and spiritual qualities of that star. By focusing on a star we imbibe these qualities and strengthen them within us.

How the essences are made

The essences are made from distilled natural mineral water with organic brandy as a preservative. The spiritual light of the star is then channelled into each essence. You can read more here.

Storing your essences

Store in a dark, cool place and use by the date on the label.

Please note: These essences are tools for spiritual growth. They may be used in combination with any other tool or skill you find helpful. They are not medicinal and are not intended to substitute for any medical or therapeutic treatment.

Suggested Uses

This essence can be helpful if:

  • You seek to understand more fully ‘one in many, many in one’.
  • You wish to heal issues relating to the heart centre.
  • You wish to heal disappointment around aspirations and visions.
  • You are bringing old, deep hurts to the surface to release.
  • You seek to appreciate the present moment more fully.
  • You are enhancing or renewing your sense of wonder.
  • You are opening to the richness of choice in each moment.
  • Your are learning to ‘let go and let God’.
  • You are looking for reassurance in times of change or release from the feeling that your heart is in some way tethered.


Betelgeuse (pronounced BETL–jooz), the brightest star in the constellation of Orion the Hunter, is about 640 light years away. This huge star is a red supergiant that fluctuates between 300 and 400 times the diameter of the Sun.  It is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and a powerful source of light in the infrared range. To get an idea of just how big this star is, imagine Betelgeuse as a hollow sphere, into which you pour spheres the size of the Earth at the rate of 100 a second: it would take more than 30,000 years to fill!

This is a young star and also an old star. For it is considered to be only about 10 million years old, but it is moving through its physical evolution rapidly and so it is thought likely to go supernova during the next hundred thousand years. Then the star explodes and, as its light reaches us, it is expected to be easily visible in the daytime for several months.


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