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Sirius Starlight Essence


Key Qualities: Grace, Freedom, Love
10 ml glass dropper bottle and information leaflet

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Sirius Starlight Essence

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Spiritual Qualities

Key Qualities: Grace, Freedom, Love

Sirius has a very powerful connection with the Sun. They can be thought of a sibling beings. At this time Sirius is assisting the Sun to share with human consciousness qualities of light that have been less available to us until recently.

In this way Sirius is helping us to release the past and come more fully into the present, to honour ourselves and our journey of spiritual evolution, and to build consciousness by drawing in the light of grace.

Sirius and the beings for home the star system is home have a deep regard for us and see themselves as have a valuable role in focussing the love of the Source of All towards our reality, where it is our own free choice to accept it.

The beings of Sirius have grown in a star system where huge electro-magnetic storms have had the capacity to precipitate powerful change in the individual energy field as well as in planetary energy fields. Their study of change and how it happens has made them excellent mentors for humanity as we also go through a time of profound change.

About the Essences

What do I receive?

A 10 ml blue glass bottle and dropper cap containing natural mineral water and organic brandy as a preservative together with an information leaflet.

How to take the essences

The essences are designed to be taken by mouth a few drops at a time up to four times a day. You can take them undiluted or mixed with a drink. You can take more than one essence at a time. However you may find that more than three essences used together may feel a little too ‘busy’.

The principle of the essences

Each star is a being whose physical body is the brilliant sphere of light we see in the night sky. Its light communicates the energetic and spiritual qualities of that star. By focusing on a star we imbibe these qualities and strengthen them within us.

How the essences are made

The essences are made from distilled natural mineral water with organic brandy as a preservative. The spiritual light of the star is then channelled into each essence. You can read more here.

Storing your essences

Store in a dark, cool place and use by the date on the label.

Please note: These essences are tools for spiritual growth. They may be used in combination with any other tool or skill you find helpful. They are not medicinal and are not intended to substitute for any medical or therapeutic treatment.

Suggested Uses

This essence can be helpful if:

  • You are open to loving yourself more.
  • You wish to take your next step on your path of enlightenment.
  • You wish to recognise more of the full beauty of your being.
  • You are going through a time of transformation and would welcome acceptance and support.
  • You wish to know more of the nature of grace.
  • You are choosing to free yourself from the past and to be more fully in the present.
  • You are developing your ability to tune into your own sense of what is joyful to you in each present moment.
  • You wish to accept more of the love of The Source of All.
  • You feel ready to access the wisdom stored in the light of Sirius and to integrate the new understandings it brings.


Sirius is the brightest star in the whole night sky. In the Northern Hemisphere it is most easily seen during the winter months, prominent in the constellation of Canis Major, one of the hunting dogs at the heels of Orion as he strides across the sky. If you follow the line of Orion’s belt downwards you will come approximately to Sirius.


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