teachings from the realms of light

Travelling the Dimensions of the Earth

This woman lives between worlds.  Sometimes she is here and sometimes, discreetly, she is not.  This is a time when transiting between different levels of physical density has become easier and so some souls have chosen to inhabit a more fluid form than we have been accustomed to.  She has learned to let her light body change her outer form to match a range of dimensions.  Though Earth is her home she spends much time in the lightships of her spiritual family.  This helps her refresh her physical form so that she is free of the inertial pull towards fixity which is still present on the Earth plane to some degree.  These ships also act as portals between the different dimensions of Earth; the past, the future and the inner Earth realms for instance.  

Her role is to import and export between dimensions.  Humanity has become much more fully present, but there can still be value in travelling into the past to help release portions of human consciousness in particularly knotty or turbulent episodes.  This takes discretion and much skill.  She might go back to a time when the seeds of a feud are germinating within a community, but simply sit on a hill nearby and radiate love unseen by anyone, or perhaps by one child grazing sheep nearby who builds the story of her presence into that culture.

She spends time in dimensions within the earth also.  Here there is much change.  One group of beings are coming to the end of their Earth time and are passing on all they have learned here before leaving.  This learning is held in brilliant structures of living light.  Moving it from one dimension into another is quite a challenge.  At this time the most usual method is to find points of resonance in the consciousness of individual humans and distribute that living light in packages or quanta to those who resonate most with each quantum.  As they meet or communicate with each other, so the full beauty of that living light manifests in the outer world.  This woman helps, with her spiritual family, by absorbing some of the brilliance of these structures of light so that they may more easily change into their component quanta, and then she feeds the brilliance back into individual human minds as they become ready to absorb it.

Once she would have been described as a goddess.  

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