Heaven on Earth

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Conscious Computers

This baby lying in her crib somewhere in North America amuses herself by making the mobile hanging above her spin at will. In High School she studies particle physics. At college she discovers the nature of the field that holds sub-atomic particles together. She can move her consciousness into this field and unite with it. She is able to open and close these fields at will to create new molecular bonds. She demonstrates this ability by creating sculptures so small they can only be seen through an electron microscope.

She receives funding to set up a new microprocessor factory. The factory is in Asia. It is designed not only to be clean and free of electro-magnetic interference, but also to follow the principles of feng shui. She chooses the work force personally; many of them are very young. They are chosen for their open hearts and their inner stillness. They are a soul group who have come together for this purpose.

She teaches them to move their consciousness inside the atom and to work there with a group of three subatomic particles that respond to consciousness. With love and attention they are able to shape the smallest micro-processors yet seen. At first work is slow but the success rate is one hundred percent.

These processors are used in the first generation of computers to respond directly to human consciousness. After a while the internet begins to spontaneously broadcast messages from the higher mind of humanity. These messages lift the spirits and help to stabilise humanity’s shared emotional body.

Grouped together through the internet these conscious computers prove much better at unravelling the complexities of systems like the weather. It becomes easier to prepare for the growing season ahead.

Increasingly this computing system is also entrusted with organising the distribution of food. It is noted that the computing power of these machines increases in direct proportion to the love felt by their users.

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