Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy

Planting a Garden of Eden

This woman works in a museum. At the heart of the museum is a plant library. A sample of every known plant on Earth is carefully stored here. Some were collected hundreds of years ago. The plants talk to her. They tell her of their purpose and their adventures. She studies their DNA and learns how their stories relate to their physical forms.

After-hours in the library, when all is quiet, the souls of the plants forgather and dance. Their guardian spirits, the devas, teach her the steps of the dance. She begins to understand. All her life she has heard the plants sing, but now she begins to understand how they connect with one another, how they select substances from the Earth to build themselves from, how their forms reveal the beauty of the Earth, and how they draw light from the Source of All and feed it to the Earth through the substance of those forms.

She is creating a new science. How to heal the planet through planting. She travels the world teaching how to listen to the plants, the devas and the Earth. It is like joining up all the gardens, for she talks especially to regional and continental authorities helping them first to create corridors of planting to knit together wounded parts of the Earth. Along these corridors the plants communicate the secrets of the Earth.

Their messages are received in the gardens and the places that are loved. Gardeners begin to hear these secrets passed from the northern tundra along the corridors of plants even into the heart of cities, to roof-gardens in Manhatten, or courtyards in Shanghai. Like the Northern Lights that silently undulate as curtains in a breeze, in the aura of gardens a new presence is felt, subtle and inspiring. It is the ascension of the plants.

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