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Cleansing the Ocean with a Net of Light

A warm sea and a silver beach; here the children grow up in and out the water all the time. They are accomplished divers from an early age and take to sitting together in a circle underwater in the shallows holding hands. They can communicate better this way, tuning into each other’s thoughts and feelings and creating jokes.

In this state they can grow very calm and find themselves able to stay under for longer and longer periods – their bodies need less oxygen. They create such a joyful space that the whales are drawn to them. Carefully, to avoid the danger of beaching in these shallow waters, one whale comes closer. 

It sends pictures to the children. This happens for several years each time the whale group passes their island, travelling north or south. The children feel the whale long before it arrives. As they grow bigger they are able to swim out to meet the whale as it enters their bay. The whale becomes part of their circle. 

It is teaching them to enter a Temple of Light. The door to the Temple is in the whale’s mind. The children learn easily, for they have been practising finding such doorways in each other’s minds. Now all of them (there are nearly twenty in the group) enter the Temple together and are met by shimmering presences of light. 

These beings have come to teach the children to weave nets of light. They bring gifts of a special light the children can hold in the circle of love that they’ve been building for several years now. Out of this light they weave a net that sweeps all the oceans of the world, healing and cleaning.

Around their island people notice the coral beginning to grow again. Fish not seen in a long while return.

When they grow up some of these children travel away to become oceanographers and ecologists, while others stay here on the island. But they all stay in touch, for they no longer need to hold hands to share their thoughts.

The whales teach the next generation of children to know the ocean as a living mind.

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