Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy

Lunar Pulse

This being has a particular interest in the effect of the moon on the cerebral and spinal fluid. The gravitational pull of the moon on these fluids is tiny but observable and significant. Through a lifetime he intends to study these movements in relationship to the moon phases and the tides. Such study requires stillness, and he may choose a somewhat isolated life into to track the tides within the skull and spinal column. These tides can also be observed influencing the flow of sap in trees and he may choose to live amongst trees to enlist their help in deciphering the moon’s influence.

There are two areas he hopes to develop especially. The first is the flow around the brain and how it moves to the gateway of heaven, as the hole at the base of the skull where the spinal chord connects with the brainstorm is sometimes called. He believes that these flows may be helpful in remedying mood swings and depression. The second is the movement up and down the length of the spinal chord, especially the link between the crown, gateway of heaven and base centres, where this flow may to used to awaken a star of light which over time will replace the base centre. 

He believes this study can help to open a new relationship between humanity, the Earth and the cosmos, in which the Moon is seen as a kind of midwife helping humanity to birth a new self.   

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