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Sananda Message 109: A Changing World

You are love, but when you are in human form it is very challenging to manifest that love fully. As you know, you are living in times of great change. All of these changes are designed to help you manifest and express more of the love that you are. Changes do not happen to you; you are the changes that you experience. You have called change to you, for collectively, whatever each individual might feel or think, you are ready to grow in consciousness so that you may embody more of the love that is your essence.

You have opened the door for new energies to move into, to interact with and to transform human consciousness. Some of these energies are new in their abundance and speed, others are newly arrived into the scope of human possibility. These you are learning to reach for and may understand little of initially. This lack of understanding when you encounter the new can make it tempting to retreat into the familiar. Consequently, you find in humanity a wide range of response to these energies that are entering and becoming more present in your reality: some embrace and some retreat. When you look within yourself you are likely to find that both these responses are present and many others in between.

Be gentle with yourself, and be gentle with everyone else. Though you may feel that you are alone and experiencing these changes uniquely, this is only one facet of a much larger truth, which is that you are together with all of humanity, and indeed all life on Earth, in meeting energies that bring change to every living being.

Being aware of your connections with others, including (and perhaps especially) those whom you are tempted to experience as other, alien or enemy. The other, the alien and the enemy are all inventions that you create within yourself. The function of these creations is to remind you that you are not yet wholly at peace with yourself.

You do not need to love the actions of another in order to love the being who commits those actions. The more you are able to love all beings, however they act, the more you strengthen the connections that unite all of human consciousness, and the stronger these connections become the more easily the new energies that offer transformation for humanity are able to flow.

You might use the functioning of your brain as an analogy. In a healthy brain there is an abundance of neural pathways; your mind is responsive, agile, inventive and creative. The process of electrical and chemical transmission and interaction that enables you to generate conscious thought, or simply to keep an open mind that responds with wonder and beauty to that which is, supports and is supported by the richness of connection available to each individual cell.

In this analogy you may think of yourself as an individual cell. The connections you make through the power of your love finding expression enable the new energies to flow abundantly and to nurture or offer nurturing to all with whom you connect. Collectively the evolution of humanity is enabled through the action of each generous human soul simply doing her or his best day by day to grow in wisdom and insight, compassion and love, acceptance and understanding.

You may find it helpful sometimes to consider yourself not only as an individual human being, but as part of human consciousness, just as you might imagine that an individual cell in your brain has its own experience of uniqueness, but is also deeply aware of its contribution to a whole, functioning human mind. Gain from this the assurance that you are never powerless, that you are always making a contribution to the evolution of human consciousness. Understand too that nothing in your life is ever wasted, no fleeting thought, no momentary indecision, no lost memory, is ever without purpose. Every moment of your life has meaning, and its meaning is to bring you to that fuller realisation of the love you are.

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