About the Welcome Series

This series of recordings, each with two guided meditations or inner journeys, are designed to help you on your path of spiritual growth.  Whether you regard yourself as a beginner or as someone already well along your path, these meditations can take you into beautiful inner spaces and create profound shifts.  As you listen Sananda is transmitting frequencies specifically for you at your current stage of growth.

The series introduces many beings and states of consciousness that can assist you on your journey of enlightenment.  Even where these are familiar to you, you may find fresh insights and a deeper sense of connection developing for you as you use these meditations.

About Welcome to the Sun

The Sun is essential to our lives. As well as bringing us physical light and warmth, this great being brings us spiritual light and love from the Source of All in every moment.
These inner journeys help you explore the deeper meaning of your relationship with the Sun and the Earth, to absorb and use more of the Sun’s gifts to you, and to come to know more fully the living presence of the Sun, the Solar Logos.
Let yourself bathe in the spiritual light of the Sun and visit the Inner Temple of the Sun in Sananda’s beautiful medtitations.

From Sananda’s Introduction

Imagine the Sun; picture it in your mind’s eye, round, vast and shining.  Picture it too as alive, breathing and aware of you.  Every time you go out into the sunlight you are reconnecting with a friend who reaches with its light to touch the core of your being.  

You can match the breath of the sun with your own breath, for when you breathe the Sun breathes too.  It hears, sees and feels every one of your breaths and somewhere within its vastness light and fire shimmer and dance to the rhythm of your breath.

You and the Sun depend upon one another.  You know you could not live without the Sun, but did you know that the Sun cannot live without you!  For every breath you exhale is like a puff of wind from a pair of bellows which stokes its fires.  Even, you might say, without you the Sun would expire.  For it would be incomplete without you.  It would be a different star.  Its light would shine on a different world.  

For its part, the Sun wishes you to catch fire, with an inner fire of divine joy, so that you may know its joy in being a doorway through which love may come from the Source of All to nourish you.  You might say that when all beings in the solar system are alight with divine fire, then its work at this level is complete and it moves to a new state of being. 

The recordings

Two inner journeys with Sananda channelled by Christopher, with music by Michael Hammer. Track 1: Bathing in the Light of the Sun. Track 2: Journey to the Inner Temple of the Sun.

CD: One CD with a booklet of study notes in a jewel case.

Download: Two mp3 files with the notes as a pdf file in two formats for printing out (A4 or US Letter).

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