You can find within yourself a place of perfect peace, the home of your divine self. This place is not so far removed as it might sometimes seem. You may come to it with a soft intention; that is, an intention that is absolute without being forceful, for this is an intention that recognises a tide in all things that is carrying you towards freedom.

Such a freedom comes from an inner knowing that you are present. In every present moment a doorway – wide open – exists and takes you to your divine self.

To be present takes great skill, for though you can be nothing but present in truth, to realise that, to know its truth, this takes skill. For you have existed in a created world within a world, where dreams seem real and reality seems like a dream.

When you come to the peace of your divine self, illusions dissolve and you see the Source of All with you, within you, around you, permeating all that is, the substance of all that is.

This realisation of your divine nature is close, it is available in any and every moment, at the still heart of each moment, the brief pause between every breath. Grant yourself the soft intention that it be so for you.

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