You come to Earth through the Sun. You as a being, as pure presence, pass through the Sun in order to gather the forms of light that grant you a physical presence here on Earth. These forms of light are of immense beauty. You yourself as a being have immense beauty.

Your time on Earth gives the love that you are the opportunity to find a fuller expression. Every experience you have on Earth has this purpose. You come to Earth guided by Divine Will as the outbreath and inbreath of the Source of All. Divine Will enables you to move forward through your life in alignment with the highest good of all and gives you the freedom to create that which has not been before.

As you arrive in the Temples of the Sun the light of your being is configured, with the help of many luminous beings, to fulfil your chosen purposes. It is characteristic of this time in which you are living that for many of you your etheric body, the form given you under the aegis of the Sun, was designed to make an upgrade both possible and comparatively easy. You might imagine within your etheric body spaces that are capable of receiving more light, a little like spare slots in a computer. The readiness of those spaces to receive additional light is demonstrated by two principal forms of light within the etheric body.

The first of these are nodes, points of light where many lines of light meet. These nodes or growth points come into being as you find resolution of the challenges that life presents you. At a certain point there are sufficient numbers of these nodes to create a quality of light that is looked for and recognised by the soul of the Sun.

The second form of light that invites new light from the Sun might be thought of as a kind of shimmer or sparkle, an iridescence that can be witnessed anywhere within the etheric body. This shimmer relates to the quality of joy, your joy in being alive. It speaks of the relationship you have with the Source of All and your willingness to celebrate your own being in whatever way is appropriate to yourself.

These two qualities of light within the etheric body relate to Divine Will as outbreath and inbreath. As you align with increasing fidelity to the outbreath of Divine Will through the experiences of your life, more of the nodes come into being. Accepting Divine Will as inbreath into your life and expressing it through your life generates a spiritual shimmer. As these two qualities are increasingly witnessed as part of your human presence they give rise to an influx of solar light to your etheric body as it exists here on Earth.

You are living in a time in which the relationship of the Earth and the Sun is being renewed. Immense gifts are moving outwards from the heart of the Galaxy to be received into the heart of many stars. These gifts permit stars that receive them to express the love that they share with the Universe in new ways.

Here on Earth the tendency for different dimensions and realities to be experienced as discrete and separate from one another is changing. The veils that have created the experience of separateness are dissolving in this new light. You yourselves, as consciousness embodied, are part of this process. As you come to know and appreciate more of the magnificence of the totality of your being so you yourself are actively dissolving these veils of separateness.

So far I have written of your evolution as an individual. But of course you do not exist on Earth in isolation. You are part of human consciousness. There are veils that have kept you separate from one another. You have perceived other people as separate from yourself. They are not. Your love dissolves all barriers. As you witness the world, allow others to be as they are. Forgive what is not yours to judge. Recognise that all in every moment without exception do the best they know. Therefore allow your acceptance, your honouring the choice of others, to assist them to recognise their ability to find inner peace through the resolution of apparent separateness both within themselves and in the world around – and in finding that inner peace to come to know again the joy of being.

The inbreath and outbreath of Divine Will meet within you. They are woven together in your being. The outbreath carried you outwards from the Source. The inbreath carries you back towards the Source. Both the outflow and the inflow are perfect. In you they come into balance. Consider your heart centre. Here these two qualities meet as one. In this oneness you find a new power arising within you. This power enables you to know yourself anew; not as a one-off rebirth, but as a state of consciousness in which each moment is discovered as a universe in which you may express your love and the light of your being fully and freely, without reference to a previous or a future moment. Those props of memories and ambition, which have been important and have served you well, are no longer required.

When the outbreath and the inbreath meet in perfect peace you begin to know yourself as a manifestation of Divine Presence. As you come to that knowing you will discover that there are many for whom this knowing is already a given. Their friendship awaits you; their abiding love has never been absent, but the dissolving of veils enables you to feel their warmth in ways that were not available to you before.

Consider your heart again. As you look within your heart know that its capacity for love has no limits. Give yourself permission to grow within this lifetime without limit. Concede nothing to the voice that both fears and is addicted to your limitations. Give that voice only your love, your compassion and your understanding.

Grant freedom to yourself to travel to the Temples of the Sun, to be clothed in light anew and to receive the gifts that await you there. Believe in your ability to make yourself anew.

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