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Your thoughts may feel like flies to a horse: a bit of a nuisance, coming out of nowhere and having a mind of their own. Of course, many of your thoughts are useful to you. They provide a link between the impetus within that drives you on day by day and the actions you take in the world. They seem to explain you to yourself. But even these thoughts may be deceptive.

Around every cell of your body is an energy field unique to that cell. Together these energy fields share much in common, but there are also many individual variations. Within these fields are clumps of energy that give rise to abiding beliefs, attitudes and stances that in turn influence the formation of your thoughts. You are not the originator of most of your thoughts. Many come only a little changed out of your ancestral history, many more come from the collective energy field of humanity. These are the conditions under which humans have operated for many thousands of years. They have helped create a coherence between individuals and societies that has enabled you all to survive.

But now it is time to free your minds. The human mind is not bound to operate in the old ways indefinitely. You can change your mind about who you are and what the Universe is. That clumping effect within the cellular energy field is no longer required in the way it once was. It is safe for you to permit the gathering of energy to the critical mass that gives rise to thoughts without buying into the past or the prevailing currency of human thought.

You can allow the power of your heart, the love that is you expressing itself through your heart centre, to act as the organising principle for all thoughts. Love exists outside of, or beyond the limits of, time. It is equally present in all times. As you apply love to thoughtforms gathered from other times or other places the presence of love makes it easy to let those thoughtforms reconfigure themselves to the present time and place.

In this way you may also find that your understanding of yourself is no longer derived from the collection of current ideas buzzing around your head, but from a deep sense of connectedness to the All That Is. This connectedness does not really require ideas or thoughts, though some may arise, for it replaces them with a knowing of your oneness with all life and an understanding that such a oneness changes its form and state to accord with the present moment.

Let love shape your thoughts. Don’t worry about the ones that get away; they are just leftovers of the old ways. Notice that you can direct loving thought energy to those you love, to the world, to all life, without it needing to become actual thoughts or images. From the light at the centre of your head and from your heart let there be an easy flow of this loving thought energy.

There is an innate wisdom within you, the wisdom of your divine self to whom all things are known and by whom nothing needs to be explained. This wisdom may come to express itself in time through an illuminated crown centre, whose light permits the presence of your soul in all that your life is. For now, be content with the wonder of your being and allow the power of your heart to shape the thoughts of your mind.

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