teachings from the realms of light

The human mind is a beautiful space. Your thoughts are precious. Your thoughts bridge the gap between the seen and unseen worlds. Every thought you have has a creative power. Each one carries energy into the physical world and that energy changes the world.

Much traffic crosses these mental bridges besides those thoughts you consciously generate yourself. Learning to observe this traffic can be of great benefit to you. When you observe with love, your love transforms thoughts as they travel. They become vehicles for love and take that love into the world.

This is one of the ways in which you deliver the love that you are to the world. In this sense you are a doorway for Divine Love to present itself to the world. As humanity you are by no means the sole doorways with this function. Ultimately all living beings for whom the Earth is a focus have the same purpose. In time humanity will take on the role of orchestrating this love.

At the moment one of the greatest services you can perform is to purify your relationship with animals. All animal species have their own understanding of the world. Every understanding has value. You could think of the shared mental body of each species as a repository of wisdom, a particular view of the world that enriches the lives of all who have chosen Earth as their home.

When we come to the animals with whom you have an especially close relationship, such as those you depend on for food, then the bridge connecting your minds and theirs is already broad and busy. It is wise to pay attention to this traffic. Whether you are aware of it or not it exerts a significant influence upon you. There is much suffering amongst the domesticated animals of your planet and that suffering communicates itself to you as a mental energy which, while non-physical, affects the physical.

Such mental energy of animal suffering travels across the bridge to be with the human collective mind. It speaks to you and in doing so it creates with you and within you energy forms that disrupt the etheric body sufficiently to influence human physical function. In particular there is a general influence (which varies greatly from individual to individual, and from which many may find themselves exempt) towards decreased mental function. It is as if the human mind shrinks from the pain that at some level you feel responsible for. Specifically, the distress energy communicated by animals can act as a disruptor in the electro-chemical processes by which brain cells communicate with one another. Over time cells that are experiencing a kind of abandonment may die, bringing about a diminution of function.

Understand that these are collective causes and effects; there are great individual differences in experience and you cannot extrapolate from these general influences the reason for individual experiences. Therefore when I suggest a correlation between the suffering of animals and mental anguish or deterioration in mental function in humans, it should not be taken to imply that some one suffering from dementia is suffering because they have been unkind to animals. Such a conclusion would be unwarranted and unkind in itself. It is just as likely to be an indication that the individual is deeply caring, and a multitude of other explanations are possible and will always play a part.

What might you do about this? Fortunately, the answer is simple. Be grateful. Be grateful to the animals who serve you. You do not have to be vegetarian or vegan, unless it is your wish. Simply give thanks to the animals who help you live your life here on Earth. When you do this, you are transmuting that traffic of pain into love. This is not merely an internal mental process, something private and without consequences. For your thoughts guide your actions: the more loving your thoughts, the more loving your actions. Loving actions change the world.


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