Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy

The Clear Light Corporation

There is a group of boys, about eighteen of them, all born within a year or two of each other, but all around the world. So they don’t get to meet until adult, except inwardly and on the internet. In adolescence they seem a bit isolated, because they spend a lot of time playing online interactive games.

All the while they are learning to coordinate their energies. The interactive games give them the opportunity to match their reflexes and movements exactly. Miles apart and playing the same game, when the movements correspond exactly the game freezes. Sometimes the mutual synchronicity is so precise a game can freeze for hours on end. 

They are developing the ability to link the energies together so that each can help the others to hold a clear space of light. At first they are most interested in clearing spaces around them: a railway station, for example, where often negative energy can accumulate above the concourse, from the thoughts of anxiety or frustration experienced by passengers.

They are quite technical about this, liking to direct light through the third eye with a high degree of precision. But love is also essential to the development of these gifts. In the interactive games, synchronising their movements depends on the heart connection they have with each other. When they sit before frozen screens, the shifting waves of love passing between them and the playfulness of their joy becomes the game.

Amongst groups of friends too, and at school or college, these gifts begin to show. Around them spirits lift, difficult situations seem to resolve themselves. Especially where there is intense debate or argument, something people are trying to resolve, the presence of one of these boys seems to act as a catalyst; things look clearer, solutions become more easily found.

This group is being taught by angels. There are particular forms of light they are being trained to hold in consciousness and so introduce to the earth plane. It takes the group working together to hold these very dynamic forms of light, which can be pictured as crystalline and having an extremely rapid spin.

In early adulthood one of these boys sets up a business designed to help organisations, corporations and governmental bodies to arrive at their own best decisions. Soon other members of the group join this business. Together they introduce this dynamic light into decision-making spaces – boardrooms, council chambers, parliaments. They bring a clear light into the world.

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