Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy


Here are some brief quotes about the work of Heaven on Earth you may find helpful.

Courses, live and recorded

…your course has blown me away with the sheer beauty and purity of vibration. I am awestruck by the energies of love and refined crystalline light that you are bringing forward for us all. Every time I am about to play the tapes, I feel all excited, like a child that has been given the keys to a secret and enchanted garden. I feel so honored and blessed to be on the receiving end of such love, awe and wisdom.

I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to you for all that I experienced yesterday. The work that you do is truly a divinely given gift and the energy you bring through is profoundly beautiful.

I feel such joy in meeting others with whom I truly resonate, and indeed in meeting you and being in such a beautiful energy, as was gifted to each of us yesterday is something I cherish deeply within my heart

I completed the Light Body course with Chris last year and I participate in his monthly meditations (conference call and on line) for ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ and ‘The Light Body Graduates’ groups. I feel I have gained so much and the beauty of this type of work is it is continually evolving and developing it’s such a creative process, full of fun, light and love. It makes me feel full of light and sunshine with a big smile on my face. I feel supported and loved throughout the process by the beings of light that work with Chris and us all.

Thank you so much for the day on Saturday … I enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks for a very special weekend. You have not only made a difference to me but it was lovely to see the effect you have had on other people.

The memory of the pleasure I experienced yesterday will stay with me always.

Thank you soooo much for a wonderful life enhancing experience these last few months. Really appreciate the way you held the space and for your (and Sananda’s) loving guidance.

I received your website today and was blown away by the audio meditation. Is that your voice? If so, it connected right to my heart chakra.

Today, I have also re-visited the Stralight Healing: Storehouse of Love meditations, 10 years on and they are still as powerful as ever.

I find the more I listen to the CDs, the greater effect they have.

Thanks Chris – it’s lovely I will be back to buy more!

Thanks for the latest CD. I do love them.

Soul Guidance

Thank you very much (and Sananda too) for our session on Wednesday. There was so much to think about, and I felt quite different about my work the next day. It’s still a challenge to keep that perspective but it does make me feel lighter when I do.

Thank you again for the wonderful session.

I really appreciate everything. I really enjoyed talking to you yesterday!! … Thank you for helping me on my journey. 🙂

Thank you so much for the session today – it was tremendously helpful.

Thank you very much. I found the session with Sananda amazingly helpful, enlightening and reassuring.

I wanted to say how much I appreciated the reading with you recently – the recording of it has been, and is, very useful. It was quite an emotional session but well-needed and has given me much help with the various aspects I am dealing with.

…so helpful, encouraging and empowering, and I’m still high from the wonderful experience of it, Sananda’s words and energy.

Thank you for the truly amazing reading. It certainly feels that something very fundamental is changing, and all is well.

Thank you again for Sunday’s reading; it really has given me lots of practical help and I shall be getting down to transcribing the tape so that I can study it all in depth. Very, very much appreciated.

…very wonderful session … the pain I had subsided at the end of our session and now I only get the occasional twinge. Amazing and thank you!

Angelic Guidance

Carrie enables powerful work to be done by holding a safe space and a clear focus.

Carrie is highly intuitive… she always works for the highest good.

Carrie blends a myriad of qualities.. profoundly guided she is by the light of so many wonderful Beings.

Personal Inner Journeys

I have listened to your cd many times and it is lovely and very helpful.

It is beautiful!

I received my inner journey today with thanks. I have even listened to it already today and it is wonderful!

Visit to the Starlight Temple

I wanted to send you a quick note to say how wonderful the journey and essences are! I am feeling a lovely inner shift that’s very healing.

I wanted to say Thank You for the C.D and essences. What a truly wonderful way to receive the help that you need ! Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the gifts that have been given.

I have received the Starlight essences and journey. Thank you so very much. I have taken the journey and it was… perfect. Like “Home”.


Just want to let you know that your work – particularly the articles in Paradigm Shift – has been a source of great help, insight, inspiration and upliftment to me for quite some time. Thank you so much – it means a very great deal. In particular I find the Future Visions “job profiles” on your website a source of deep joy – and indeed I carry their resonance within me as a spiritual marker of the most profound. The “Spiritual Stand-up” piece is my favourite as its guiding ethos mirrors my own – i.e. the creation of “feelgood”!

And thank you for the wonderful inspiration you bring.

You have no idea how much I enjoy reading these messages! Always nuggets of gold!

That was exactly what I needed to hear this morning!

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