You are the shapers of light. You take light and shape experience out of it. Collectively humanity is now seeking to create experiences that are increasingly joyful. A critical mass has been reached; enough of you believe that this is possible, for it to become an established guiding principle for human consciousness. Until comparatively recently, though many believed this, you were like isolated pools of water. Now those pools are uniting to form a lake: a resource that all of humanity can draw upon.

At such times it is natural that fear, where there is fear, rises to the surface to express itself. Fear needs to be heard, for the greatest fear that fear itself has is of being abandoned. So when you witness the expression of fear, in others or in yourself, do your best to respond with love. When you see or hear anger, violence, meanness, greed, whatever that fearful expression may be, know that this too was shaped from light. And know that love is the greatest skill of the master potter: when you shape light with love you create joy.


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