Why might you choose to be a physical being? The freedom from harm and pain you know as spirit sometimes makes some of you doubt the wisdom of your choice.  But suppose that to become physical, to take on the collection of atoms that give you your presence on the earth plane, is a very different choice from the one it seems to be.

Imagine yourself as a flower living within the light of the Sun. As a flower you drink in light.  You turn towards the source of that light.  The sunlight develops the sweetness of nectar within you, that ensures you are fertilised and fruitful in your life. How is this to be interpreted? I offer two ways: one for your spirit, one for your body.

The Sun is your greater consciousness or oversoul or monad. Its light bathes and envelops you.  Its purpose is to draw the deep sweetness of your being to the surface where it may nourish those who seek it.  The fire of the Sun brings you into flower, to a full expression of your beauty.  The flower of your being mirrors the Sun; you become within the compass of a single life the Sun embodied. Those who sip your nectar, who are touched by the sweetness of your being, also bring you fulfilment.  Through them you bear fruit; you leave behind you forms and flows of energy that are your response to the light of the Sun. Others take those forms, the gifts you have given, and become flowers with them. Over eons the flowers become the Sun and the Sun flowers.

Your body is a flower and, like one of those flower heads made up of many smaller flowers, so is every atom in your body.  Each atom is made of light holding a pattern of frequencies.  You come as spirit to bring new light to these atoms. You are the Sun. Your light brings the sweetness within every atom into a fuller expression.  You enable each atom to flower, to reveal its full beauty. Each atom turns to you as a flower turns to the Sun. From your heart emerges the love that fertilises the flower of each atom and in return it gives you the nectar of joy.  Your physical body is tuned for the frequency of bliss. Bliss has been held back by an absence of light, as the nectar within a flower is held back by the frost. Now your inner light is emerging from behind the clouds. It releases bliss from within the frequency patterns of each atom.

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