Around the world a new community of light is growing. To be a member of this community you simply need to recognise yourself as light.  With this recognition it becomes possible, and increasingly easy, for you to communicate as light.    As you connect with one another in this way you create a beautiful net of light, and in that net or gridwork of light you catch more light. There are new qualities of light entering your reality, gifts of light for you, that can transform the way you think about yourself and about the world. Catch them as they come, for they are yours.

Within you, at the centre of your head, is a beautiful light.  This light helps you to connect with a source of infinite wisdom – your own divine self.  You can invite the gifts of light I have just mentioned to take up residence within this light at the centre of your head. Each gift comes to you like a sacred spark that illuminates the softly glowing light within your head.  Each of these gifts acts as a catalyst; it accelerates your own process of illumination and helps you to open to more of your own wisdom.

When you reach out to connect with others around the world, wherever they might be and regardless of whether they are known personally to you, you form a gridwork of light that resonates with the energy of inspiration.  Solutions, resolutions and creativity flourish within this community of light.  As a community you begin to create one mind that has a far greater capacity than the individual minds that make it up.  Your own personal mind is then able to download the inspiration that is yours to act upon.

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