You might like to consider knowing more of what you do in your sleep. For you are very active, and in sleep you have a freedom that is less available to you during your waking hours. While your body rests you can loosen your ties to it. To do so helps both you and your body. For your body, your absence grants it respite from the active and enthusiastic interventions of your personality. For you, you have freedom to roam, free as the wind, indeed freer.

It might seem that if you are in some sense free from your body, you must, in this reality, also be powerless. For how can a disembodied spirit act in the world? But in truth your power is great. How then can you use it wisely, if you know consciously little or nothing of what you do?

Begin with trust for yourself. You are a beautiful being and the freedom from your body that sleep grants you makes it easier to know this. Not because your body is bad; let go of any residual ideas of that kind. They are unkind to your body and to you, and they are untrue.

The close relationship you have with your body during your waking hours, so close that it is easy to believe that you are your body, tends to frame your experiences. For instance, you carry within your body the memories of all your ancestors. These may not be explicit (they are usually not), but their influence is strong and one reason why you took on human form in the first place. To be a human gives you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the nature of your soul family and to evolve the unconditional love of your soul to even higher levels.

Then your body has its own natural concerns about preserving its integrity that for you as spirit are of no concern at all. So in sleep you can visit places you would avoid in physical form, such as war zones, or could not visit at all, such as the inside of the Sun.

With such freedom comes responsibility. Trust yourself again. As spirit your perspective is wider. You have knowledge and understanding not yet wholly available to your daytime self. This does not mean you are pure soul in your nighttime travels, for you carry your etheric body with you. The responsibility to come from your higher self is still there to be exercised.

Imagine how it might be. You sleep. Your body relaxes. You release yourself from its constraints of time and space. Much can be accomplished in a single night. What joy! Set your intention. Let it be that you bring love and light wherever you go, that you bring love and light to yourself, that you grow in love and light and wisdom as you help all life. You pause to listen. Where are you called?

As you learn more of your sleeptime self, learn to release judgement and to permit uncertainty. Both stances will help greatly. Uncertainty is necessary for learning. Let your knowledge and understanding grow as if looking through an early morning mist while the Sun rises. Abstain from assessing the importance of your night work. One may help thousands passing from this life in a natural disaster, another may whisper comfort in the ear of one sleeping child. You can not know yet which helps most. The comforted child may, fifty years from now, make a decision that saves the world. You do not know.

So what is the nature of the help you give? This world is filled with currents of subtle energy. You are at once part of these flows and navigators upon them, and guides of them and their creators too. In essence the help you bring is to add your light and love to these flows with as much wisdom as you can muster. In doing so you are guided to many practical, often very simple, actions on the inner planes of the world.

You can light the paths that lead humanity higher. To do so requires study, and study you do, every night as you sleep. There are wisdom schools for every level of attainment; you are drawn to whichever you are most attuned to. There you learn much about the skills of soul love and the expression of light through your human presence.

Now is a wonderful time to take your next steps in bringing those lessons into your conscious awareness. If you wish to, all you need do, as you settle to sleep, is affirm that you choose to know more of what you do as you sleep. And be patient!

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