Money is a simple way of changing energy from one form into another. You make a wheel and turn it into food, thanks to money. It is very useful to you, but it is not wealth. Your wealth comes from the abundance of the Earth and your own gifts.

If you use money to nurture the Earth and to bring forth your own gifts and the gifts of others, then money is serving its own highest purpose, which is to make the most of what you have been given.
Money itself has its own kind of consciousness. As humans you have invested much attention upon it, and it absorbs that attention. You could say that when you choose to believe that money is master, then money starts to believe this of itself.

It is time to lovingly disabuse money of this idea. If you let money rule you, it will. But it is not comfortable in this role. It knows it has stepped beyond its assigned purpose. It feels lonely and vulnerable. It suffers as celebrities suffer. It knows it is both loved and hated, put on a pedestal and dragged through the mud, worshipped and blamed.

Let yourself love money, for your love can heal it and bring it back to its true purpose. Let yourself have a clear and consistent intention that every time you use money it serves the Earth and the highest good of all. Let go of both your fear of money and your longing for it. Both attitudes block money from necessary change.

For money is simply an energy stream shaped by human consciousness. It is one of humanity’s finest creations. But it has slipped. It needs help. See through the images and ideas it arouses in the human mind to its true nature. It is a stream of living light here to serve the highest good of all.

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