How might you invite more good into your life? Suppose yourself to be an open door with the welcome mat. Who might come up your path? What might they bring? Imagine that there are angels day and night coming to your door. What are they bringing? What gifts? And how might you receive them?

These are not material gifts. Your house would soon become cluttered. They bring streams of light, light that pours through your open door and illuminates your being. Their job is revelation. They reveal you to yourself. They reveal that you are all good. They solve the mystery of deceit. You have deceived yourself. You have told yourself any number of interesting lies. You have created a myth of failure and corruption and the angels aren’t buying it.

When you create a myth it is tempting to live it. It becomes a splendid drama, impressive and real. It draws an audience who are mesmerised by the brilliance of your performance. But the angels, like impresarios, are counting the takings. They care little for the illusion onstage, but appreciate the richness of your experience.

Now they say, “Enough, this season is finishing. This run is complete. It is time to begin anew. You do not need to repeat the same old lines. Take the riches of your experience. Go on holiday. Be yourself.”

You do not need to know who or what being yourself is. Let it be a mystery. That way each morning when you wake and go to the front door the angels coming up your path can surprise you with new gifts. Each day you grow in consciousness with those gifts and so next morning it is a new you who wakes up and goes again to meet the angels.

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