Teachings from the Pleiades: The Many Mansions of Your Heart

Let your heart centre reveal to you the multiple flows of love you share with the world.

Six inner journeys with introductory talks and study notes.


Teachings from the Pleiades: The Many Mansions of Your Heart


The Pleiadians, as individuals and as communities, have learnt to let their heart centres expand outwards into the love that comes to them from this cluster of stars that is their home. Within your own heart centre is a key quality that resonates with this love also. As this Pleiadian key becomes more active, so you facilitate the opening of what Sananda calls ‘the many mansions of your heart’. A mansion at first meant a resting place then came to mean a magnificent place; both meanings point to the teachings the Pleiadians are sharing here.

You have the capacity to connect through your heart centre with many people and become aware of each and modulate the flows and select the qualities of love that are most helpful in each connection. Such an ability is magnificent, but also too complex for the ordinary mind to comprehend. Trying to grasp the detail of so many connections simultaneously with your rational mind would be difficult. With the development of the heart centre Sananda and the Pleiadians teach in this course another way of using the mind is presented, tapping into global flows of light that are becoming available to the human mental body. Resting the mind is one of the ways by which these flows may be discovered. So the many mansions of your heart are both glorious and peaceful.

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About this series

In these courses Christopher channels Sananda and works with a Pleiadian Master of Light. Each course is complete in itself. Each helps you to express your inner light more fully. At their heart is love: the love that comes for us from the Pleiades and the love that is your essence. Each course teaches skills of light that help you know, express and share that love more fully. Each contributes to the creation of a new city of light here on Earth.

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Do I need to be an experienced meditator?
No. Trust that if you are drawn to this course, you can benefit from it. All you need is a willingness to set aside a little time for you.

Do I need to know about the Pleiades?
No. The course introduction and the notes give you some information about these stars and the beautiful beings who come forward to help hold the spaces of light that Sananda guides you to explore.

How long are the inner journeys?
Most of the inner journeys in Heaven on Earth courses are between 20 and 30 minutes long.

What is the background music to these journeys?
The music we use is by Thaddeus, an angelic being channelled by Sanaya Roman. You can listen to or buy their music from www.orindaben.com.

Are there any follow-on courses to this one?
Use the categories or the tags to bring together courses on similar themes or topics. All are designed to help you on your path of spiritual growth.

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