Maya Lands 2017

Maya Lands 2017

Uaxactun, where the heart of our visit to the lands of the Maya will be based.
A two-week retreat in the heart of the Mayan region of Guatemala, connecting with the Galactic centre and cities of light in  many star systems.

Read on to find out more about the teachings, about our itinerary and how much price for this journey will be.

The maximum size for this group is about 10 people; please email me if you would like to join us.

Live broadcast

Listen a recording of Carrie and I responding to questions and talking about this visit.

The teachings

Uaxactun is a small village, very close to the peaceful site of the Mayan city that has the same name. Uaxactun has one of the most accurate surviving observatories; weather permitting (it’s the beginning of the dry season, by the way) we will be able watch the sun rising at the winter equinox over one of the temple buildings, just as the Mayans who built it did hundreds of years ago. We will be there at the New Moon too, so this is a time of renewal.

The stay in Uaxactun is designed to be an opportunity for you to move to an inner stillness and to initiate a new stage in your life path. As a group we will be opening to receive guidance from many beautiful presences of light with whom we will be connecting. This can be a turning point for you personally.

Each day at Uaxactun I’ll be channelling inner journeys and holding silent meditations too. But much of the time is for you to relax, be peaceful and explore in whatever way suits you.

In our inner journeys we will be connecting with the heart of the Galaxy and many communities of evolved beings in cities of light within different star systems to gain an overview of the coming age on Earth, on how that connects with a broader galactic blueprint and how you in your life are part of the fulfilment of this plan.

You will be receiving many transmissions of light designed to open up for you the next stage of your own life plan, making a higher, more fulfilling level of that plan available to you. At the same time you will be linking into a planetary gridwork of light workers as together we help to bring through the next phase of light for humanity.

Our itinerary

Campamento El Chiclero

Below is the itinerary Carrie and I plan. You are welcome to join us at every stage, but you can also tailor your travel to suit yourself. The heart of our visit will be eight days at Uaxactun, which is where our meditations will be held.We plan to stay at Campamento El Chiclero at Uaxactun. This is basic accommodation. If luxury is important to you, this may not be the trip for you! Having said that, it is well-reviewed. Read more here.

The Zapote Tree Inn, one of the hotels we will be using in Flores

For two days before and after we will be staying at Flores in one of several attractive hotels by the lake. This means that, if you prefer, you can travel out and home separately, joining us at Flores for the last leg of the journey to Uaxactun and staying on our return for as long as you wish.

The Zapote Tree Inn in Flores is now fully booked. Read about other hotels here.

12 December 2017 – Fly with Avianca leaving London Heathrow 2205 to Bogata
13 December – Arrive Bogata 0430. 9 hour stopover (a chance to see something of Bogata). Fly to Guatemala City. Fly to Flores. Arrive Flores 2019. Stay at hotel in Flores
14 December – Flores
15 December – Flores
16 December – Flores
17 December – Travel to Uaxactun. Stay at Campamento El Chiclero, Uaxactun
18 December – Campamento El Chiclero
19 December – Campamento El Chiclero
20 December – Campamento El Chiclero
21 December – Campamento El Chiclero
22 December – Campamento El Chiclero
23 December – Campamento El Chiclero
24 December – Return to Flores
25 December – Flores
26 December – Flores
27 December – Leave Flores 0737
28 December – Arrive London Heathrow 1445

The costings

I can’t give you a definitive total, because flight costs and exchange rates fluctuate, but here is an estimate that should be close to correct.

Teaching: £200
Flights to and from Flores, Guatemala: £770
Flores Hotel, e.g. Zapote Tree Inn: £50 per night (x 6 = £300)
Campamento El Chichero: $15 per night (about £13 x 8 = £104)

Approximate total (excluding food, internal transport and other incidental expenses): £1300

Further information

Here’s a short promotional video that gives you a good flavour of the village and the Mayan city.