If you are human, you have probably noticed that not all of your thoughts are beautiful, and you might like it if more of them were. So how might that be done? This article suggests an approach you may find useful and several tips or skills that you can use separately or in combination.

Let’s begin by considering what thoughts actually are. Perhaps we could say that there are two kinds of thoughts: thoughts you consciously choose to think, such as ‘What shall I have for dinner tonight?’ and thoughts that just turn up, apparently unbidden, and that you discover yourself in the process of thinking. It is this second category that can seem perplexing and beyond your control. You may not choose to worry about your health, say, but you can find yourself doing it anyway.

The direction of human evolution is to greater consciousness. In this lifetime you may find your consciousness expanding considerably. So if you find yourself concerned about your thoughts and, more generally, the contents of your mind, begin by recognising this concern as part of your evolution, your choice to become more conscious. Enjoy your capacity to generate thoughts; it’s a wonderful ability. You use this ability in many remarkable ways. Recognise the process as a great gift.

You can then apply this to any unpleasing thought you find. Rather than judging yourself or the content of the thought, step back and appreciate your ability to create thoughts, to experience them and to respond to them. You can find the process beautiful, even if some of its products are not beautiful to you. This stance opens the door to the inner spaces of your mind. It becomes easier to explore the nature of thought itself.

Thought is part of the process by which light precipitates into a lived reality such as the earth plane. Often this can be very simple. You get a ‘bright’ idea and put that idea into action and your world has changed. Light has been translated into form. At other times the process can feel far more complex and inaccessible. What about a worry about your health, for instance? Does that contribute to ill-health, or safeguard you or have nothing to you with your actual health at all?

Be assured that every thought has an impact. Everything in the Universe is connected and you cannot move anything without moving all. Thought is movement, so it has an impact. Be assured also that a negative thought has far less impact than a positive thought. There is a simple reason for this. All negative thought has an inherent contradiction. It is based upon the false premise that love is absent. Love never is, never can be, absent. Therefore any negative thought, however powerful it seems, is running against the grain of the Universe and must run out of energy far sooner than one aligned with love, which is the foundation of the Universe and permeates it.

We might say, then, that your job as a human being is to do your best to translate light into the most beautiful or loving thoughts that you can. Worrying about your health, in the example we are using, is simply a less beautiful and loving set of thoughts than you are capable of. But if you attack yourself for thinking in this way, you are of course compounding the problem, adding negativity to negativity. What then are you to do when you find yourself thinking in ways you consider negative?

Negative thoughts actually have a very valuable function. They are drawing your attention to something that is not working as well or flowing as smoothly as it might. A worry about your health, for instance, may reveal fears or doubts that you can heal with love. So this gives you another good reason for not judging your negative thoughts. See them as useful signposts in your inner world.

Follow the signpost and see where it leads you. You need never fear. Take love with you. There is no thought that is impervious to love. The thought or thoughts you find are not held in your mind alone. The idea that your mind is a private place is an illusion. Thoughts are the common currency of your world. They slide in and out of minds with ease. Many of the thoughts in your own mind are likely to have been picked up, borrowed or inherited from others. You use ideas to figure out the world and espouse those ideas that seem to promise the most successful outcomes. Whatever thoughts you discover will have arrived in your mind because that was their promise: ‘We will keep you safe’.

When you meet a thought, start by accepting it. Even the highest thoughts are energy compressed, light squeezed into a shape. Negative thoughts are just that much denser. When you accept a thought, you grant it the right to exist. Since it already does exist, this is a sensible start! Then you can give the thought love. Love will allow the densest energy to decompress and find a lighter, higher, more beautiful form more effectively than anything else.

You are a creator of thoughts as well as a discoverer. You can shape thoughts with artistry, perhaps more than you have realised. You take light as your raw material and give it shape. When love guides the process the thoughts are beautiful. Remember that ultimately all thoughts do come from love; there is no thought that cannot be traced back to an impulse of love. So your challenge is not really how to create loving thoughts, but how to create thoughts that express more of the love which is your essence.

In the world of time you can find all sorts of cross-currents that surprise you, and in that surprise you can find yourself retreating from the present to seize hold of the reassurance of an old thought. This will always bring you to a denser thought, for only a thought created in the present moment can truly express the love contained in that moment. This does not mean that each moment must produce a thought that is unique in its words or form, only that even a familiar thought, such as ‘love is all there is’, will have an aliveness, if realised in this moment, that it cannot have if resurrected from an earlier moment.

The realisation of a beautiful thought such as ‘love’ (even that single word) in many moments, begins to create a sense of reality that transcends the limitations of time. This is one of the reasons why consciously creating beautiful thoughts is of such value to you at this time. For you are living in an epoch of transformation. Old ways of experiencing the world, held in place by limiting thoughtforms, are beginning to dissolve, and you are part of that process. By creating beautiful thoughts you are facilitating the movement of light within your world. You are granting light a freedom that it withheld from in order to sustain a world of polarity for you to experience.

The creation of beautiful thoughts can be very simple. To be present and to allow the gifts of each moment to shape the thought through you is all that is required. That ‘all’ can feel daunting; to be truly present is no small accomplishment. But time presents you with moment after moment, so you have plenty of opportunity to practise! Let yourself focus upon the light that becomes the thought, rather than attempting to choose the words or images or concepts. Trust you own native ability to find them; let the light magnetize them to you.

There is an inner space, real but not of your current dimension, that you may like to visit when you are exploring your capacity to create beautiful and loving thoughts. Imagine it as a visit to a beautiful garden. You may meet others here, loving presences, wise and respectful of you. Find a place to sit and enjoy the sights, sounds and scents around you. Let the Sun warm the back of your head, just behind your crown centre. Welcome its light in, as if within your head also a gently warming sun is present.

Though thoughts may occur in this place, this is not your primary purpose in coming here, so allow them to pass through. Let yourself enjoy being in a beautiful place, a garden of peace and love. Allow the Sun to warm you, releasing from within deep memories of paradise. As the light of this place frees your mind it gives birth to new understandings of what is possible. In time you find arising within you realisations of beauty. You discover new ways of expressing that beauty. For you are in the process of creating a new paradise here on Earth.


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