There are immense flows of light entering your world. Complex currents of light weave together to create a broad river that you will learn to navigate with increasing skill, ease and joy. This river of light is transformative. It will reshape your world. Over fifty years or so it will flow and then there will be a lull, an interval in which human consciousness comes to know itself more deeply, an arrival at a place of inner peace, a foundation for new ways of being.

These future times are in the present too. You can come to know this deep inner peace, these new ways of being now. By riding this river of light you are uplifted moment by moment by a force greater than that which you can muster from your personal resources. The more you come to know yourself as the river of light the easier are its actions upon you. You can learn in every moment to identify the current of light that presents itself to you for that moment and ride upon it.

There is enormous variety in these currents of light. All come to you to reveal the gift of the moment and to carry you forward to your next moment, your next gift. But beyond that is variety, so that these new currents of light are sometimes a little like the trickster of the old stories whose motto might be, ‘Expect the unexpected! And then let go of that expectation too.’ This light brings you the gift of greater aliveness not just of itself, but also through its encouragement of alertness.

You have a living relationship with light. It is your fundamental form. Every encounter with light brings change to you, for you respond to it. Light speaking to light is your way of being more and more. For the light has been awakening you to a knowing of itself in you. As you awaken, the light invites you out to play. It is the natural next step. So it is that the light now entering your world comes with the playfulness of one who recognises her first task is completed.

Awakening and play can be concurrent. In truth you are likely to find aspects of your human self slumbering still, muttering, ‘Go away, it’s too soon’. But increasingly these parts too are eased into wakefulness. Your gentle patience with yourself helps greatly. Be kind to yourself. And be kind to others too. For you are kin. You will never meet another being who is not also you.

Learn to sit with the light. Not all the time, but sometimes let yourself be in stillness with the light and let it speak to you in its own language. These new flows of light act upon the emotional body as a musician playing an instrument; that is, the light seeks to draw the most beautiful notes and harmonies from you, so that the song of your being may be heard in this world.

You embody the light. You make it real in this world. Through you it can act upon the world. You have heard stories of sound bringing down castle walls. Light is more powerful still, for it underlies all substance. Light expressed through you in concert with all human hearts changes reality. The light figures itself anew and reveals a fresh configuration of its infinite potential.

For light obeys laws. These laws declare that in any given reality light must configure itself according to the state of consciousness of those whose reality it is. In every moment it offers itself and its infinite possibilities to you. In this coming period there is a richness and variety in these offerings that is in part a response to an immense need in human consciousness to become free of past limitations.

It is as if the light offers many tools: lock picks, tricks, shifts, jumps and turns that, if you will, seduce whatever part of you might feel chained into laughter. Laughter liberates. What you cannot any longer take seriously, cannot be serious. So when you sit with the light let your heart bubble up within you. There is within your heart a wellspring of joy, and its bubbling (a natural phenomenon of aliveness) has a very specific function. It illuminates the gifts the light brings in each moment. It is revelatory.

What the light within your heart reveals is that the world in which you live is beautiful. You have the ability to make that beauty more and more manifest. You can do this in so many simple ways. Begin with yourself. Respect the being that you are. Allow yourself to be a mystery. Let yourself know that you do not need to have all the answers. Grant your world the right to be mysterious, a source of wonder; for then more wonders are revealed.

You are a flower with an infinite number of petals: there is no limit to your opening. Every mystery revealed reveals another mystery. Wonder opens your heart to the light that comes. It will show you what is truly new. Think of yourself as standing at the crest of a hill looking over a vast fertile land that is yours to explore. You are at the threshold of a new time.

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