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Do I have to become a member to use this site?

No, there are lots of articles and recordings you can access without signing up for anything. If you choose to join a Heaven on Earth course or group or buy a recorded course, you will become a member of the course or group in order to access the course materials. You may receive occasional emails that relate to the group you have joined.

If you wish, you can also sign up to receive regular messages channelled from Sananda and news of forthcoming courses and recordings. None of your details are shared with any other organisation and you can unsubscribe from any membership whenever you wish.

Do I have to be an experienced meditator to enjoy the courses here?

No, you don’t. All of the courses, live or recorded, contain a range of light frequencies. As you listen Sananda is aware of you and will tailor transmissions for you at your current level. Whilst some courses are more advanced than others, we encourage you to go with your intuition and trust that you are guided to whatever may help you most.

How do I access my purchase?

It’s easy.

Log in at My Heaven on Earth with your username or email and your password. If you have forgotten your password click on the “Forgot your password?” link and follow the instructions.

Once logged in, scroll down to My Courses. Click on the title to this course. You will find your recordings and notes there to listen to or download.

Is it safe to listen to Heaven on Earth inner journeys while I’m driving?

These inner journeys may take you into deep states of relaxation, so do not listen to them when driving or doing anything, such as operating machinery, that requires you to be alert and focused on the outer world.

How do the live broadcasts work?

You do not have to sign up for any of the regular live broadcasts. A Good Start each Monday morning at 7.15 am is a drop-in; you can join in as often or seldom as you choose. Please note: there are no live broadcasts during 2018.

How does the audio player work?

The audio player looks like this:



  • Click on any track title to select it for play.
  • It may take some moments to load, depending on the speed of your connection. The words ‘Loading track…’ will appear in place of the track title. The length of the track is shown at the righthand end. Click anywhere along the bar to go to that point in the track.
  • Click on the blue triangle to start playing your selected track; click on the double vertical lines to pause or stop.
  • Adjust the sound level with your device’s volume control.
  • To download any track, click on the Download icon. If you have iTunes you will probably find the tracks you download are added directly to your library.
  • Some of these players also have Facebook and Twitter icons for sharing tracks with your friends.

How do online courses and groups work?

  • When you sign up for an online course or join an online group you will receive an email acknowledgement. If this is the first time you’ve signed up for a course or group here, you will also receive your username and password. If you are or already a member of a course or group, you will use the same username and password you had before.
  • You can log in at any time by going to LOGIN on the navigation bar. That will take you to MY HEAVEN ON EARTH where you will find links to any course or group you have joined. Click on your chosen link and that will take you to the page with all the relevant recordings and notes, including any introductory materials before the course starts.
  • When it’s time for the online session simply click on the link in one of the emails you have received.
  • You can listen to the session on your computer or mobile device using its build-in speakers, but we recommend using a USB headset for the best listening experience.
  • Within a few days of the session you will be sent an email link to an edited, high quality recording which be available on your member’s page

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, just click on ‘Lost your password?’ under the login boxes and follow the instructions.


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