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Well-Being: Learning to Love Yourself

Come to appreciate more deeply the beauty of the being that you are. This course gives you an opportunity to experience the journey by which you bring your light into this world of forms and events. In it Sananda helps you to create and discover what he calls ‘pathways of kindness’ for yourself and all with whom you share the world.

From Sananda’s introduction to the Well-Being Series: All this series of courses are designed to trigger awareness of your innate abilities and to help you nurture them into a fuller flowering. Each addresses an area of life and offers new possibilities and an increased flexibility and responsiveness. All are designed to support you as you grow by drawing your attention to the wisdom that is yours.

The course
  • Watch or listen to four introductory talks
  • Listen to four inner journeys
  • Study notes and follow-up suggestions
Includes downloads

Eight audio files


 or all bundled into one zip file


  Notes in A4 or US Letter format     

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