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Angelic Realms 1: Introducing Angel Mind 

Let angels help you bring greater fluidity to your thoughts and develop new ways of thinking.

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Introducing Angel Mind reveals the early stages of the immense sea of light which is the angelic mental body. You will learn how to enter this space through your own mental body and how to become increasingly receptive to the gifts of clarity, fluidity of thought and inspiration that the angels offer us.

With talks from Christopher and inner journeys from Sananda you will be guided to develop new ways of thinking and being as you explore the nature of mind and learn how we may begin to infuse the human mind with angelic thought.

Course materials to study online or download

24 inner journeys, with introductory talks and study notes. Download the recordings as mp3 files or 1 zip file; notes as a pdf file in a choice of A4 or US Letter format.

Code: AR01

This is the first in a series of courses designed to help you access the wisdom, light and love of the angelic realms. Each course focuses on a particular avenue by which you may come to experience directly the limitless love the angels have for us and learn specific skills from them which open the angelic aspects of your own being. 

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Accessing this course is simple.

Once you have purchased it, log in at https://www.heaven-on-earth.co.uk/my-heaven-on-earth/ and scroll down the My Heaven on Earth page to the Angelic Realms Series section and this course title and image.

Click on the See more… button and that will bring you to the course materials: recordings of talks and inner journeys with the study notes.

You can download these to your own device and print out the notes or you can study the whole course online.

Do I need previous experience?

You will probably find it helpful to have some experience of meditation. Trust your inner guidance, if you are feeling drawn to join this course.

Do I need to have taken previous Heaven on Earth courses?

No. This course is complete in itself, though you may like to study other courses that we offer relating to angels and the angelic realms.

What might I get out of this course?

Everyone is different, so your experience will be your own. Sananda and many loving beings of light will be transmitting frequencies of light tailored to your own needs and purposes. The aim of the course is to help you to beyond the limitations of our day-t0-day minds and to experience some of the expansiveness an beauty of angelic thought.

How should I prepare for this course?

There is no specific preparation you need make, but over the next few days, from time to time, you may like to observe thoughts occurring – not so much the content of the thoughts themselves, more the process of thoughts happening. What does a thought feel like? Where does it come from? Where does it go? Are all thoughts similar in their underlying energy or structure, or do they vary? Where does thinking happen? Is it in your head or somewhere else?

It’s not that you need to find answers to these questions, more that they alert you to how your own thoughts behave.

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