Creating a City of Light: Terms Defined

Here you can read brief definitions of some of the key terms Sananda is using. Your experience gives you the truest definition, but these descriptions may be useful pointers.


You might think of creating, becoming and arriving as three aspects of fulfilment. Creating is a fundamental impetus in our relationship with the world and it moves us from being into becoming. Arriving marks a recognition of change in ourselves and our relationship to the world, which in turn prepares us for a fresh impetus of creativity.

Beautiful Presence

A way of understanding and experiencing yourself through the recognition that you need know only this of yourself, that you are present and your are beautiful. The focus of energy you bring to the earth plane and use to magnetise to you the energy field that sustains your human presence.

Beauty of Being

A state of consciousness where there is a realisation of your self as beautiful presence flowing through time and space.


Often used in relation to being, where being is an absolutely fundamental state of existence and becoming is a state of being we know in a world of linear time.  Becoming is closely related also to growing, which we might divide into two aspects: creating and becoming; so that becoming conveys the state of growing, while creating carries a sense of the impetus to grow.


On the inner planes, the volume of space you make available to receive the gifts of the Universe.

City of Light

The product of many individuals coming together and consciously configuring their energy fields so that they interact for the highest good of all. An environment that welcomes, supports and sustains Divine Presence.


The bringing together of two or more dimensions. Specifically, the process of aligning our energies, through bringing in higher frequencies and building consciousness, with those of one or more pre-existing cities of light.


Used in the broader sense of bringing into being or into reality and applied widely to include, for instance, thoughts, rather than in a narrower sense, for instance, of being artistic.  By this definition we are all creative without any exceptions.  That quality of consciousness we use to manifest a reality.

Divine Presence

The Source of All manifesting coherently into a reality.  Related to the realisation of our our Divine selves, that is, the outward manifestation of our inner light. Also related to some traditional ideas of a Second Coming where there is a recognition that such a manifestation can only occur through, or assisted by, a process of self-realisation.

Earth Inner City

A city of light already existing here on Earth, often, but not always associated with spaces beneath the surface of the planet. In particular, a city of light I associate with central America that has been established over long periods of time and has a declared interest in assisting us in a process of convergence.


The free movement of energy. Sometimes the term is used to denote our ability to give, share or release energies or gifts we have received.

Plane of Universal Day

A particular place on the inner planes where we meet beings from other cities of light. You may experience it as a vast or limitless plane of light with a Spiritual Sun above.  A place of shared frequencies where many different beings may meet.


Simply your ability and willingness to receive that which is given, especially given with unconditional love. Energetically analogous to the absorbency of a sponge, where capacity is the volume it can hold and flow is how easily it can release what has been absorbed.


A shift between energy states. Often with a sense of pausing to view or feel the potential of the next state.


A specific skill where forms within the energy field that have ‘folded’ to enclose whatever we have regarded as being outside our acceptable range of experience are opened or released so that more of the totality of our being may be recognised and accepted.


Another specific skill where you are looking at connections you make with others, especially those through the heart centre or the crown, and letting those connections open out to reveal all that you find beautiful in them. One of the ways of moving from beautiful presence to beauty of being.

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