Brief definitions of some of the terms used by Sananda in Volume 1

A way of understanding and experiencing yourself through the recognition that you need know only this of yourself, that you are present and your are beautiful. The focus of energy you bring to the earth plane and use to magnetise to you the energy field that sustains your human presence.

A state of consciousness where there is a realisation of your self as beautiful presence flowing through time and space.

On the inner planes, the volume of space you make available to receive the gifts of the Universe.

The product of many individuals coming together and consciously configuring their energy fields so that they interact for the highest good of all. An environment that welcomes, supports and sustains Divine Presence.

The bringing together of two or more dimensions. Specifically, the process of aligning our energies, through bringing in higher frequencies and building consciousness, with those of one or more pre-existing cities of light.

The Source of All manifesting coherently into a reality. Related to the realisation of our our Divine selves, that is, the outward manifestation of our inner light. Also related to some traditional ideas of a Second Coming where there is a recognition that such a manifestation can only occur through, or assisted by, a process of self-realisation.

In earlier inner journeys this is also referred to as an inner Earth city of light. Although cities of light have sometimes been associated with the idea of a hollow Earth, the term ‘inner’ does not refer here to the physical Earth, but rather to the inner spaces of our own being though which we access the city of light with which we are most closely connected.

We might understand the consciousness of the Earth as able to sustain multiple realities, each of which occupies a range of frequencies and which are to some degree distinct from one another. This city of light has been established over long periods of time and has a declared interest helping us to appreciate our beauty of being and our divine selves as they assist us in a process of convergence.

A particular place on the inner planes where we meet beings from other cities of light. You may experience it as a vast or limitless plane of light with a Spiritual Sun above. A place of shared frequencies where many different beings may meet.

Simply your ability and willingness to receive that which is given, especially given with unconditional love. Energetically analogous to the absorbency of a sponge, where capacity is the volume it can hold and flow is how easily it can release what has been absorbed.

All of the experiences of your life considered as a harvest, valuable in its own right, without reference to your personal assessment of whether the experiences were good or bad.

An energy centre located at the base of the skull a little behind where your spine meets your head. 
It may be thought of as a repository for memories of the choices you made and those you considered but did not follow up.