Some ideas are too big for a single mind. From the angelic realms and from the higher dimensions of your own reality new possibilities are being broadcast to humanity. These broadcasts are immense, complex and very beautiful. They offer you blueprints for creating humanity’s highest future. No single human mind can comprehend them; this is part of their design. For it is only when you come together that you can create your highest future.

You can sense and register these broadcasts even if you cannot wholly understand them. On occasion, as and when you feel drawn to, let yourself open to the beauty of the cosmos. Invite new gifts of light into your life. Recognise that you are permeable to these gifts, that as you accept them your light evolves. Let this be simple. Let yourself know that you are deeply loved by the universe of which you are part. Opening your heart in this way makes it easy to receive these gifts.

Now you can also begin to connect with other minds to comprehend and to manifest these blueprints. Let this also be simple. When you choose, become still and sense other beautiful minds who share this planet with you. You may have no idea who you are connecting with, you may never meet in this lifetime, but you can feel the presence of beautiful minds and open hearts.

Many of these will be children. When you connect with them, however fleeting or insubstantial the connection may feel to you, you make a difference. You are helping to anchor these new light forms in your reality; you are empowering yourself and all you connect with to open to divine inspiration and to make it real.

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