Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy

Angel Song

Five children grow up in an orphanage.  Some of their carers sing beautifully and these children pick up songs as easily as breathing. They love to sing together, and begin to develop a scale that’s not been heard before. The harmonies they create when they sing together move people profoundly. It seems their music has healing qualities, for people’s spirits recover when these children sing and fevers subside – even injuries mend more quickly.

Soon they are in demand in the hospitals of this country where facilities have been limited and resources stretched tight.  It’s observed that even when the five are in separate wards they stay in perfect harmony with one another.  They are invited into operating theatres and surgeons find themselves working at the peak of their abilities; their patients’ heart function is close to normal and blood loss is reduced. Less anaesthetic is needed.

On the maternity wards they are especially welcomed. Still only children themselves, they have a special affinity with mothers and their unborn children. When they sing it is as if the spirits of the children-to-be come right into the room, and the mothers feel they can get to know them intimately long before birth.  New babies are both alert and peaceful.

As adults this group stay together and tour the world, sometimes separately but still singing in perfect harmony even though they may be thousands of miles apart.  They are peacemakers who sing now to opposing groups who seek release from the old conflicts they are caught up in.  The songs have words now; but no one recognises the language.  Many say it is the language of the angels.

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