86: Learning from the Spiritual Sun - 1

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Music by Thaddeus: Sacred Ceremony from Sacred Journeys


You are beginning to build on the quality of stable light that Sananda has introduced. Earlier journeys, such as those in Sessions 34 and 35, where you were guided to observe the richness of the connections and the ‘points of beauty’ in the heart connections you make with others, prepared the way for experiencing the plasma light that in turn generates the plane of stable light he introduces you to in this session. It is characteristic of the way Sananda is working with us that you may find yourself revisiting familiar viewpoints, but each time from a higher or fuller perspective, like a bird soaring on an upward spiral.

In this session you are guided to an inner temple of the Sun to receive a gift of its light. The next will develop this light and help you deepen your understanding of how and what you learn from the Sun. For now, we might consider that help in embodying and manifesting the Divine Plan comes in many complementary ways. In this inner journey your angelic sponsor and the soul of the Sun (which we may think of as one aspect of the Central Spiritual Sun) each help you to welcome your divine self further into your human presence.  

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