84: Holding Angelic Blueprints in Conscious Awareness

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Music by Thaddeus: Songs of the One Suite – 2 from Into the One Divine Self


There are many steps in this inner journey. I suggest that if you find the individual steps difficult to follow,  you go with the flow of energies as they are transmitted. You are building a greater consciousness of the interaction of the angelic realms with the evolving earth plane and with your own energy field. As such spaces open up they do not readily translate back into words.

In the next volume we will be developing skills to help you create more consciously with light. This inner journey and the previous one especially set up states of consciousness in which you can begin to collaborate more directly with our friends in the familiar city of light. As you do so you are simultaneously becoming a conscious shaper of light in your own life.

A prerequisite of working with light in this way is non-attachment (or as close as you are able to come to it) to the forms in which the light expresses itself. This is not because attachment is somehow wrong, but because it sets up a polarity that hampers the free expression of light, and because our own ideas of what should happen are inevitably limited. As we develop these skills we move past such limitations into new areas of creativity.

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