79: Experiencing Divine Presence in All Relationships

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Music by Thaddeus: Stillnesss Consciousness at Rest from Into the One Divine Self


In this session Sananda introduces a state of consciousness he will continue to help us develop over coming sessions. Beauty of presence sounds very like beautiful presence, which from the start he has encouraged us to use as a way of identifying ourselves, and of course they are related. But while beautiful presence has been a kind of label, a way of letting go of many accustomed ways of identifying ourselves and coming to the essence of who we are (beautiful and present) and thereby suggesting to us the possibility of a state of consciousness, beauty of presence is of itself a state of consciousness.

This state of consciousness can become (and you may find it so from the start) very stable. Because its focus in upon the divine in us all, it transcends the particulars of time, place and dimension. It might be considered another step on our journey of convergence. Meeting our friends in the familiar city and indeed ourselves as divine beings dissolves some of what has kept us separate.

Sananda addresses another way in which we are converging in this inner journey by emphasising the resonances that connect places. He guides you through the process of creating and being within a dome of light, drawing attention to resonances such as those between the dome and the familiar city of light and between the downflow of light through the summit of the dome and the downflow of light that comes to you as an individual as you move within the dome. This focus helps you to increase awareness of such places or locations as states of consciousness that in a sense travel with you. You don’t really go to a city of light; it is always here.

You may like to practise this state of consciousness at other times than when listening to the journey. Find the dome of light, to whatever degree it is available to you, and your connection with loving friends, whether you sense them as within or outside the dome. Then focus on the divine in whoever comes to mind. See if you can expand awareness outwards from the individuals you are connecting with to others who may not be immediately identifiable, but whom you sense as present in the world. You may like to explore your connection with the angelic realms (which will be the focus of our next session) as you do this.