78: Finding the Light of the Divine Plan in the Light to Come

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Music by Thaddeus: Sea of Light from Ascent to Heaven


For a while Sananda has been referring to and transmitting what he calls ‘the light to come’. This inner journey takes you into an exploration of what that light might offer as he opens it up to reveal the light that is next stage of the Divine Plan as it applies to you. Two reminders here. First, don’t push, because you don’t need to and it’s counter-productive. Second, let go of needing to interpret this light or get answers to any questions you may have, because that tends to happen later and from within.

You may find it helpful after listening to this inner journey to observe the light around your core. This can be one way of tracking the experience of change and being at peace with it. Then you may like to reach out and touch again the multiple connections with loving beings that you have made. This can help give a context for change that you can relax into. From one point of view the Universe can seem immense, strange and unpredictable. From another it may be a revelation of the magnificence and wonder of your being. Both viewpoints may be difficult to comprehend. Connecting with the unconditional love of other beings makes it easier to let your heart do the comprehending.

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