39: Exploring Future Light

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0392, Fourth Dimensional Shift from Into the One Divine Self; on CL0394, Angels of Divine Love from Awakening Your Heart Center


These journeys give you an opportunity to go out and meet light moving into our reality and your life, firstly in the company of a Galactic community of light and then with friends in the familiar city. 

In the second journey especially, as you encounter light that is currently in your future and moving into your present, Sananda is also helping you to explore consciousness and how consciousness might become beautiful presence and beautiful presence might then draw the light to it that becomes your human presence and your experiences. 

You may find it helpful to remember that the light you are interacting with has consciousness. Indeed it may be the primary manifestation of consciousness in our Universe, so that perhaps we might even say that it is consciousness. In these inner journeys, then, allow yourself to relax into interaction with the light rather than seeing yourself as having a sole responsibility to shape the light in accordance with either your best ideas or your personal will.

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