Session 35: The Light of the Divine Plan in the Familiar City of Light

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0352, Temple of Healing Love from Temple of the masters; on CL0354, Sacred Ceremony from Sacred Journeys


The first inner journey takes you into the presence of a great angelic being within the sacred space we have visited before in the familiar city of light. Transmissions from this being help to trigger that quality of light Sananda refers to as nectar-like. As this light comes to the heart centre it helps you connect with your divine self and to experience the presence of your divinity. 

The second inner journey gives an opportunity to explore the relationships between the light of the Divine Plan, the global network of light on the inner planes, the movement of light through your energy centres, the light of your divine self, angelic light and Divine Presence. You are guided to share in transmissions of light with many others and to find your own sense of how these transmissions might evolve.

Naturally so many different facets of how light behaves in the world and their relationship to one another makes for complexity. But, though your own experience may indeed be complex, let yourself find your own sense of flow and ease with the light, so that complexity, if you find it, can be enjoyed without needing to be a hindrance or stumbling block.

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