15: Unfolding and Receiving

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0152J, Angels of Divine Love from Awakening Your Heart Center; on CL0154JHeart Radiance from Awakening Your Heart Center


In this session Sananda is teaching a particular skill – unfolding – and relating it to another more general skill – receiving. That is to say, unfolding is seen as one skill among many that assist us to open to receive more. Sananda sees receiving as key to the next stage of the evolution of human consciousness. He suggests that we have limited our capacity to absorb the gifts the Universe offers us and we are entering a time in which this strategy or habit is becoming redundant.

In practice we have limited ourselves with many simple but quite engrained energy patterns: thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’, feelings of fear, or experiences of overwhelm, for instance. The skills that Sananda is teaching here are designed to make easier and more natural for us to allow these old patterns to dissolve. You may also find that supportive measures like positive affirmations can help you to anchoring these skills more thoroughly.

Towards the end of the second inner journey Sananda suggests three aspects to receiving.  First is receptivity, which we might like to a sponge’s absorbency. Then there is capacity, our ability to hold that which we receive (to experience, to enjoy, to understand might all be aspects of this ability), and we might liken this to a sponge’s volume.  Then there is flow, our ability to let the gifts we receive be shared, to move in some way beyond our personal limits, and this skill we might liken to the sqeezability of the sponge, the release of what it has absorbed ready for the next cycle.

Having listened to these inner journeys, you might like to notice in your daily life the qualities explored here: your capacity to receive and to share, and your creative power and skill as you play with light.

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