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Welcome and thank you for visiting. Christopher Sell channels the timeless being of light called Sananda. We offer live and recorded courses of inner journeys for deepening your joy.

Below are our live online courses for 2024. In them Sananda is opening wonderful new possibilities for personal development and building consciousness. Enjoy exploring!

Live online courses for 2024

Growing Your Community

Learn skills of light that can help you build beautiful communities of mutual support in your area, in your land and around the Earth.

Sananda: We are offering these new skills as a contribution to all that you are doing to inspire and uplift human consciousness.

Awakening Your Light Body

As you awaken your light body you can experience many illumined states of awareness, states of consciousness that take you beyond thought into direct experiences of beingness.

This course was created by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman and their guides DaBen and Orin. It has been studied by many thousands around the world.

New teachings from Sananda

four strands : one stream

The Garden of Light and Love

A place of serenity and well-being where we may bathe in its beautiful energies or meet healers and teachers whose purpose is to help us realise more of our divine essence. 

In the beautiful ambient energies of the garden Sananda will guide you through a series of inner journeys to help you to a new experience and understanding of your life purpose.

The Dawn of Grace

In this course you will be helped to allow more of the insights and understanding of your multi-dimensional self to flow into your human presence.

Sananda: You may consider the light of grace as a gift from the Source of All. It teaches you through direct experience that you are part of the oneness of all life, a unique expression of all that is.

The Flowering of a City of Light

Discover more of your ability to create a life that is joyful and fulfilling. With a group of dynamic and loving beings of light, whom Sananda calls helix beings, you will be guided to enter expansive vistas of light that give you access to higher dimensions of your own consciousness.

Sananda: A city of light is a way of living in harmony. Its purpose is to help all to experience Divine Presence. By Divine Presence we mean simply that each being is aware of the infinite wonder of themselves and each other, and each experiences that wonder directly.

The Council of the Stars

The Council of the Stars inviting us to become aware of their presence and to participate in their work. We help and are helped by opening to their love, light and wisdom as they begin to share skills that help you to grow in consciousness.

Sananda: The evolution of consciousness on Earth is being guided by a community of beings of light who go under many names, one of which is the Council of the Stars. These beings are stepping forward to invite you to become part of their Council. 

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