Your guide experiences great joy in your company.

Your guide is not confined in physical space. She or he can be with you as a diffuse presence of love holding a vision of your joy or can coalesce into a presence with which you can relate and communicate. In the diffused state your guide can add light to your aura, just as you might water a flower. When you are receptive gifts are given, when not they are withheld. Watering a flower is not always helpful; you do not have to be receptive all the time.

Distinguish receptivity from need. Sometimes it might feel that the time you are most ready for your guide’s help is when you are most in need. But often need can be a way of rejecting help. It is an expression of a belief in lack. When you wish for help from your guide, start from a place of believing in your own competence. Think of your guide as offering a word to the wise, a friend who sees you as already able and gifted and simply reminds you of the remarkable resources you have within yourself.

Your guide uses energy very efficiently. Your guide will look for the most effective way of bringing help. It can come in so many ways: a sudden insight, a suggestion from a friend, a sentence in a book, a dream, a gift, a smile, a meeting, a memory. Be alert to the many ways in which love is present in your life, for love is the medium that carries all messages from your guide to you.


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