Worship is a natural state of consciousness. It comes about as you witness the infinite worth of the Source of All and allow that the Source is simultaneously witnessing your own infinite worth. So worship is simply a ship full of worth – a ship of infinite capacity, infinitely full. You may sail the Universe in this ship.

While such a state is natural it has not necessarily been easy to attain. Much can stand in its way. What stands in its way is judgement, any and all judgements. It makes no difference whether the judgement is of yourself or of others or of the world. You are an infinite being and every judgement reduces you, for it declares that something is not accepted by you, whether it is the size of your feet or the state of the world. Judgement creates separation. Where there is separation you cannot act effectively. Anything you wish to change must first be accepted as it is.

You are not and never will be judged by the Source. For although The Source of All is omniscient, the Source does not see faults. The Source sees that you see faults and feels compassion for your suffering. The Day of Judgement exists, but not in the way that has often been described. In the Day of Judgement the light of the Source of All reveals to you all the judgements you have held against yourself.

Hell too, in a certain sense, exists. But Hell also is not what has often been imagined. Hell happens when a being holds onto his or her judgements and resists seeing her or his innate and infinite beauty. The idea of hellfire is simply the imagining of the light of Source that comes to consume the pain of judgements tightly held.

You live in a world in which there may be many events that cause you distress. It may be hard not to judge the actions of others or, on occasion, your own actions. Do not be hard on yourself if you judge, criticise or blame. But move through that process swiftly if you can. Learn to hold a vision that all beings at all times do the best they can. See before all beings a path that leads each to enlightenment. Exclude no one. You are opaque to each other here on Earth; much is hidden. Those who seem worst may yet turn out to be amongst the most evolved of souls.

Where you encounter judgement in yourself, do not suppress it or pretend to yourself it doesn’t exist. That’s not a very effective strategy. Denying the existence of something takes your energy and gives it to what you are denying. Instead ask what the judgement reveals to you of yourself. Invariably there will be something you are still learning to be at peace with in yourself. You are complex beings. Most of you have long histories. You are born into a lifetime in which there are unprecedented opportunities to make peace with your past, with yourself, with this Universe. Each time you judge, be grateful for the opportunity it offers you to forgive yourself.

And worship. Worship little and often, and then more. Grow used to being infinitely beautiful. If it hurts or is difficult, know that this is the pain of having denied the infinite love that you deserve and that is yours.


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