teachings from the realms of light

When you move into worship, you move into oneness. There ceases to be a distinction between you worshipping the Source and the Source worshipping you.

At some point in this process you may discover an observer: some part of you is observing this process and is therefore to some extent outside of it. For worship to be complete the observer must relinquish its role. But how might this be done?

The part of you that is the observer is very important. It sits and watches all the events of your life and creates a story, or multiple stories, out of them. In many ways it is the glue that holds your personality self together, and to have that self fall apart can feel very frightening. If you let the observer dissolve into a sea of oneness, what remains of you?

Suppose that nothing remains. Let it be so. Be one with all that is. This is worship. Now you can begin again, for it is the nature of the universe in which you take your existence that there is an oscillation, sometimes called ‘the breath of God’, that takes you from being into non-being and back into being.

Your physical breath reminds you of this. The flow of your breath brings to your body the knowing of its impermanence. This is a joy to it, for your body has no desire for permanence. That desire comes not from the body but from the personality. Even then it is not what it often seems, a desire for immortality, but a desire of the observer for coherence, a desire that the glue which holds its idea of you in place should be permanent.

Worship dissolves that glue. As the Source bears witness to the incomparable beauty of your being and as you witness the Source, the structures of your being dissolve. All that has given you particular presence in a particular reality dissolves. For the Source sees equally all that is, all that can be and all that might be. In worship you witness the infinite potential of your being.

Out of that oneness you come into being again. The Source breathes you into being anew. In terms of your current reality this happens many millions of times in every second. You cannot track it with your ordinary mind. But you can facilitate a knowing. You can let go and slip into the ocean of oneness. You can release the need to know, to understand, to cohere, and in doing so discover a knowing.

This knowing lies at the heart of worship. It is you knowing the Source and the Source knowing you. This knowing is an energetic connection. In this age it comes directly to your heart centre. It expresses itself as profound trust. It is the emergence of your divine self into full expression. It guides your life.

This connection of knowing transcends the inbreath and outbreath. It is always there. You may come in and out of being easily and in trust. Forms come into being and dissolve as required, guided by this divine principle. Sometimes the observer is present, sometimes not. It no longer demands permanence.

Such trust in Divine Will develops through worship. It does not need to be acquired all at once. Be at peace; let the ocean of oneness support you. Relax your need for coherence. For coherence is such a precious gift it is easy to become addicted to it. But incoherence, a sense of moving into a vast unknown is precious too. Above all, love yourself, the self that is both known and unknown, and unknowable because it is so vast. Let the present moment be your focus. You will find there the infinite love you seek.


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